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BeerBad said:
On a lighter note, just got back from the RNR Regatta and it was a cracking week end. Highly recommend as a complete novice whose only sea time is the Dover-Calais ferry :oops: . It was very slickly run with 4 races on Saturday allowing plenty of time for a good social afterwards, my thanks to all of the organisers. Only two let downs in all, today’s races cancelled due to high winds and the look from the crew who veered across the front of the boat I was crewing and got a chunk taken out by us :twisted: (and before anybody throws accusations of cheating we did do the obligatory 720 degree turn).

I second that. It was my first visit to the event as well and great to see the weekend well organised with no hanging about. Had the brief then straight out onto the water and on with the races. Hard work but very very enjoyable. Roll on next year regatta and any sailing in between. What was a bit sad was to see all the RN ships laid up in/around the dockyard area waiting for whatever. Progress I suppose.


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Old_Hand said:
What was a bit sad was to see all the RN ships laid up in/around the dockyard area waiting for whatever. Progress I suppose.
Yup, progress as in not having any money in the budget for fuel!!!!


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Re: National Weekends/Regional w/e

jesse650 said:
70% of loggies last year deployed operationally/exercises - cause we're still moving stuff even if everyone else is pretending!! and that number apperently is going up.....and to slightly more "intresting" places ("INCOMING!").we are the victims of our own success! :lol:

Hmm - I know exactly where you were last weekend then ;-). It also brought home that increasingly some of places where exercises are going to be held are dangerous. More than few people commented that maybe we should be going out armed for one of them in particular - and really that is the only difference for loggies between an 'exercise' and going operational, whether you're carrying an SA80 or not.


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Right, time to add my two-peneth...

Richards Trophy - never done one, {updated following on from Warmonger} maybe will do one infuture but not high on priority list. GSSR is about being a MOD Guard with a rifle. Can't be dressed up anymore than that.

Its a Knockout - great weekend, a true opportunity to wind down after a busy year. No doubt won't be long before this event is killed by the "training" auditors though.

Bisley - WAS a great weekend about 3-4 years ago. Not any more though. The people make the weekend and sadly "on me" has driven most of the characters away - I recall one year, three figure 11 targets marching over to the shower block much to the amusement of many - where are they now??

I'm not too fussed about arriving on a Thursday night if I know I'm going to have a good time - in the past I knew this, but these past two years have been a chore. No-one I know goes on holiday to have people bawl and shout at them. "On me" seems to conveniently forget that as "reserves" we have a day job, we are not, like him, "FTRS" and so can take whatever time we need to come to these.

The Friday was a shambles and took far too long for things to get going. The zeroing technique was questionable. How firing 20 rounds in bursts of 5 and then putting up a "general" point of aim confirms the weapon zero I don't know. In the past 5 shots were fired, 5 were marked out and shown to the firer so they could see what adjustments were likely to be made.

Additionally, there were far too many "generals" yelling conflicting orders and rather worringly, adopting the "bawl and shout in an unclear fashion" method of command.

As for the "social" - what social?? I've been to livelier funerals, glad we brought our own post dinner entertainment because there was jack-di-de-lee squat to do. Thanks to the Geordies for bringing one of the tellies for the footie and special thanks to the Irish for being such good craic until the early hours [8-hr rule naturally observed] - "feel the rod"!!

With a heavy heart I bid farewell to Bisley for the foreseeable future - I won't be wasting my annual leave on this event next year. 73 and counting...

Crowborough - well what can I say, what a weekend!! Great training and best of all, built around a social. Work hard Saturday, play hard in the evening and then work it off in the morning with fitness tests and assault courses - what joy!! I came away knackered but very happy.

Regatta - haven't done one for ages but good fun and good social too.

Bisley take note - majority of the good weekends have a fun "social" element.


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With the most part I whole heartedly agree with your stand on Bisley, Its a Knockout and Regatta etc....but would recommend that you attend the Richards trophy before you openly dismiss it.....Richards Trophy has up to this point been one of the best National Weekends for a number of years with good socials, good training value and a great deal of fun.

I understand that our so called core skill for GSSR is SPO and all the interesting things that that entails, but these things have a habit of changing and seamanship skills are a valuable addition to any ones skill set, irrespective of role . If we sit back and ignore other areas then we will become an inflexible and tunnel visioned set of bunnies - weekends like this if they are still available should be used to their with any operational role as made very clearly to us during TELIC is that you must remain FLEXIBLE...and that means maintaining a good skill set that allows you to operate outside of your box...!!..this goes for NBCD and COMMS skills alike..!


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Haven't been ti BISLEY recently, so don't know what's been happening.
The fundamentel question surely is what is BISLEY w/e supposed to be for ?
Is it GSSR/Logs/SPO training or is it still a 'skill at arms meeting' ?
If the former, then advertise it & run it as such
If the latter, then revert back to what it used to be - an enjoyable w/e of competition


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beer_bosun said:
Richards Trophy - never done one, {updated following on from Warmonger} maybe will do one infuture but not high on priority list. GSSR is about being a MOD Guard with a rifle. Can't be dressed up anymore than that.

That was my point (and Warmongers) Richards Trophy is seamanship - what we ALL should know, never mind what branch you're in. Just because GSSR are primarily gun totors, doesn't mean we shouldn't forget the basics. That's what Richards trophy is all about in my opinion and exactly why it shouldn't be diluted with other stances. :evil:

But rant over - just do it once. You might learn something and have a bloody good time while you're at it. :D


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Okay! New to this!! As a reservist with an unfriendly employer, time away making things go bang is a rare treat. Yes, I did find that certain aspects of Bisley this year were poorly run and some pointless. It is a real shame that some of you are saying that you will not be attending again, the social aspect is our responsibility as competitors to get on with entertaining ourselves, we all know each other either directly or by association. Just a gripe of my own.... Thanks for your support at Stickledown all!!

As regards the trainig aspect, if it means that Bisley survives, so be it! I don't mind swinging the old Casco 21, gets out all that built up frustration. The big issue with "the bearded one" for me is the restriction he places on training outside Bisley weekend. Apparently he instructed one of my team not to attend because they are one of the last medics and, therefore, not required to shoot service rifle. They are, however, being given the opportunity to do their 519 course.... Progress!!!!!!!!! I did think that he had the best Bisley since I've been going, no major outbursts, ranges finished on time, and considering that all anyone was interested in on Saturday was watching Rooney stamp on that Portugese whingers balls, it went pretty well. Best range was FIBUA, but I'm biased!!

Zeroing! Getting in to my stride now!! Originally thought this was mad way of doing it, but I think it's in the pamphlet (sure someone will put me right on this!), but when you think about it, it makes sense!! Principals of marksmanship old boy, you should, if you properly change position between groups, you should get 4 distinct groups all in the same general position on the target, adjustments should then be simple! That is unless you miss target completely but than you should have used that C3 thingy, or at least watched the sand splashes, failing that, shoot your own target!

Shooter goes bang! Target goes down! Happy camper!!!

Richards trophy? Only done it once... what a gas!!! But it takes up shooting time!! I like things that go bang!!

As for "on me", top bloke out of a blue suit, do anything for anyone! Now gets people round to stores to get CS95 and more during 547, top performance, he just needs to let us train more to maintain proficiency!!