National Weekends

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by BeerBad, Jul 2, 2006.

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  1. National Weekends

    So what are people’s favourites and why? So far for me it is a toss up between the Richards Trophy (I think that is the name for the seamanship competition, got to go as non-seamen spec AB couple of years ago) and It’s a Knockout.

    Please can you add to the list below any that are not mentioned (I have yet to get my first good conduct badge so I am still finding out about certain events):

    Bisley (shooting in June)
    Richards Trophy (seamanship in July?)
    Regatta (sailing in July)
    It’s a Knock Out (fun one in August)
    Crowborough (usually September but this year in June)
  2. Royal Naval School of Dancing.
  3. moose chasing at Chigago Rocks, Fareham.

    ah, the thrill of the hunt , the smell of fear, the dilated pupils-----
    but sometimes i escape !

  4. Anything with input from everyones favorite c.p.o ( you know who i mean) on me!!!!!! :lol:
  5. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Duffy Trophy, usually September at Colingrad; a great excuse for a Comms Papa Uniform and one event where coming 4th or lower is better than finishing 3rd - such an attractive painting for 3rd place!
  6. National Weekends

    Cant think of anymore they all seem to have been covered...!!.

    Richards Trophy is a a popular one. Bisley used to be fun although definately losing that element of fun now that its moving more towards a training weekend...on me!!!!! for any thoughts on that anyone...!!!

    As seamanship is taking a back seat just marking time before we have a National SPO weekend competition.....scores based on how many people make it out alive....and how many innocents we kill!!..
  7. Bisley used to be great laugh good weekend shooting and the social of course(3 legged football be chased around with a tilley at 1 in the morning). After this year i wont be going again. Certain cpo is a complete pr1ck, the bearded wonder "on me". RNR SAA is not a national training weekend but certain people for there own publicity are turning it into one presumably as they have there heads so far up senior officers arrses it would take a good vindaloo to get them out.
  8. You are right shippers, they have taken the fun out of the weekend. And all because of certain people, one of whom you have mentioned, who are trying to make their own little empire but in doing so are making people stay away in their droves. There used to be hundreds going but this year only 74 turned up. I went this year and I heard many people saying that they would not be going again. Makes you wonder what they are going to have to do to turn it round again. One of the things I would do is get rid of the bloody BBQ on the saturday. Let people have their sit down meal in the canteen and then do what they want instead of making them do things they don't want to do. We can get together just as well, if not better down at the local.
  9. i missed bisley this year due to work but i don't think i missed much.
    74 people ! i first went in 88 and there were hundreds there. have seen the numbers slowly dwindle since then :( .
    much of the blame lies at the feet of previously mentioned individual. :cry:
  10. Aye buster mate but we made up for it with a quality session :wink: No names need mentioned
  11. I did laugh when a 2 1/2 staff officer from Comres approached us and asked why so few had attended. We just smiled and and thought, as Jack Nicholson once said " :evil: The TRUTH, you cant handle the TRUTH" :twisted: . Soon RNR SAA will be no more i believe and will be replaced by a Operational Capability weekend for our functional employers. Been listening to the arse kisses to much. Must get out more. :D :D :D :D
  12. Richards Trophy is always good for a laugh. First we can laugh at our Leading Hands who have a brain fart over tying a bowline, then you can look forward to a night out at the Lights (which I understand has improved its clientel considerably lately) :lol:

    Although it was spoilt slightly last year with the addition of a certain stance run by a certain Chief........ :wink:
  13. Talking about the Lights for those who don't know, show your ID card and you get in for nothing. I didn't know that until about 4 weeks ago.
  14. He isn't related to a numpty with a beard who keeps shouting "On me, On me" is he. Surely we can't be that unlucky to have two like that?.
  15. Thankfully no....two of them.....heaven help us.....If that ever happens I'll race you to the liferaft!!!
  16. I thought the bearded wonder only annoyed us shooting types to the point of madness. My condolences to the rest of you. He is obviously on a one man mission to destroy the RNR from the inside
  17. Doesnt that make him a tapeworm.......obviously in disguise.!!!
  18. I don't know who you're talking about but it might be worth remembering Queen's Regs at this point!
  19. Changing the subject but sticking with Bisley...noticed a couple of bods from Scotia made it but no one from wise cant imagine its any worse.....they aways tend to liven up a party...any Dalriadans out there or anyone know why no show!!
  20. I would be very interested to hear a balanced report on BISLEY, please feel free to drop me a private message. It sounds worrying that its being spoilt because of one individual, has said bearded one been challenged or reported ?

    I understood that over 150 were expected at BISLEY?.

    There were in excess of 150 at CROWBOROUGH the weekend before, does that mean that BISLEY suffered because of the tight programming or for othe reasons ?, dare i say "on me" for feedback please

    "look out for Rodney"

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