National Television Awards - "Royal Navy Caribbean Patrol" Nominated


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Chris Terrill's TV documentary series featuring HMS Manchester, "Royal Navy Caribbean Patrol", made by Uppercut Films and broadcast on Channel 5 earlier this year, has been nominated for a National Television Award in the category "Factual Programme"; there is considerable competition in this category, so please vote!

To do so, simply go to:

Click on 'Vote'

Scroll down to and enter the 'Factual Programme' folder

Select 'Royal Navy Caribbean Patrol'

Scroll down to and click on 'Submit Your Vote'

Follow the instructions to complete the process

You may vote for only one nominee in each category.

Votes must be received by 23:59 on Monday 17th October 2011.

If you would like to take another look at the series, the episodes are still available to watch on Channel 5's website:

Royal Navy Caribbean Patrol | Channel 5



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I'd rather not. There have been some great programmes made about the RN but this was not one of them. I think I'll vote for another programme worthy of the award.


I liked it. It made lonely old pissbags angry.

It's a coconut!


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As a applicant i really enjoyed the series, it made a great thread, the old v new came out to play and that was good to follow too, but it is in a strong list, and i really enjoyed both the Strangeways series as it was good seeing family, (screws i'll have you know) and also the 'Land of the lost tiger' series was great. Then again i found the 'Idiot abroad' to be entertaining.

My vote goes to the 'lost tiger' series, it could make a difference to the preservation of the species, which i find essential and it was great viewing IMO.


Sorry Sol but in my view an idiot abroad walks that category by a country mile.

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I watched it as it was nice to see the old ship again... was on her 85 - 87 and the happiest ship I was on; but why did they constantly film the OD's??? Can't say it was riveting TV!

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