National Service...for or against?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Rumrat, May 24, 2011.

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  1. Because of our commitments in foreign parts, our armed forces are stretched.
    Territorials from all arms are at present filling the gaps, but recruitment into said services is at times difficult.
    Some countries get around manpower shortage by employing their regular forces in a multi roll capacity, IE. Self defense forces that are to an extent multi taskers. This must lead to lack of professionalism, so would National service work and be popular among those already serving?

    Answers please on a post card to.................................
  2. Firmly against - hugely expensive with poor value for money in terms of capability and utility - it might have been a cunning plan when all you needed to fight a war was a musket and a strong back but so much of modern warfare is technology driven nowadays and National Military Service is (in my opinion) an anachronism that we would do well to leave alone.
  3. Fcuk me had enough scrotes working with me and for me in my time and they were volunteers!! by all means send them to the RAF they deserve them!!
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  4. Against and for all the reasons stated above.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    We currently have more people applying than there are places available, by a factor of approximately two years worth of joiners in the "header tank".

    The mob already has hacked-off matelots who joined of their own volition, but still blame the service for that fact - imagine what it would be like if they were forced to join!

    Nowadays, if you tried to conscript someone against their will, they would simply get out of it by taking recreational drugs or going to the GP claiming depression, stress, IBS or self harm (the current 'trendy' cop-outs for those serving).
  6. Do you really want to operate in a combat environment with someone that can't be arsed ?
  7. I had to google IBS, I prefer the alternative title Wiki gives, says it all really!!!

    Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS or spastic colon)
  8. National service is a thing of the past .i can see it now someone gets called up they create hell go to the court of human rights etc the things that would happen are endless .there would be concies all over the place and the services would go even farther down hill to what they are now (god firbid)BUT thats only my view
  9. I have Daffy and it was no fcuking joke!!
  10. +1 :thumright:
  11. Have any of you pondered on the fine attributes of penal battalions, the Americans I believe developed a form of LSD as a recreational drug to make troops more aggressive.
    Pump the lags full of it and point em in the right direction. If they do a 180, shoot em as deserters.
    This is Utopia in Rat world.
  12. Aaaah the Joseph Stalin School of Military Motivation!!, nice one comrade Rat :-D
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  13. Funny old thing I just watched Enemy at the Gates (again) at the weekend - didn't work for the Russkies in Stalingrad and sure as hell wouldn't work now!
  14. Against Slightly off topic but people who claim benefit such as jobseekers should be made to earn it by doing community work, such as sweeping roads, garbage collection, litter picking up etc that way the council taxes can be lowered as we wouldn't need to pay the people doing it at the moment. Obvious downside is you would have more people unemployed unless you could shift them into the private sector job market and keep some as supervisors and managers to retain the knowledge needed to sweep roads etc.
  15. I thought the roosians won? **** I knew that history teacher hated me,.......
  16. Indeed they did but the shooting of their own "cannon fodder" by the political officers and other gallant troops deployed to ensure that assaults on heavily defended German positions were pressed home without any faltering was hugely damaging in the early days of the battle and was clearly unsustainable
  17. If there were any National Service I don't think they should be given any role where guns and live ammunition is involved.The Army is probably in the best position to accept and train any conscipts.If it could be targeted at people who have lost their way in life and it would set them straight again I would be in favour.But if Consciption was random I would be completely against.
  18. But it worked a treat, ask any of my mums family.:laughing2:
  19. Vehemently against, do we really want the dross that litters society forced into our professional Armed Forces?
  20. Against........ Then you will have more Fcukwits like me! ;)

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