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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by sim_fitter, Jan 17, 2013.

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  1. I have been waiting for two months now for an update on the SC. today i signed up to experian to check my credit score, it reads fair and i have a score of 800, but i do have two defaults, one for 150 and the other for around 700. both i am aware of and am in the process of paying them, this is not alot of money, and could settle this amount in a matter of months, but they have been branded as default (which is not good), will security vetting have an issue with that? i have heard that they may decline people for defaults on credit check. any one got any insight to SC??
  2. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Asking as you declared them on the vetting form and can show you're on your way towards paying them then they shouldn't be an issue.

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  3. You're flying! Are you on the vetting team now? Good effort.
  4. This is with regards to outstanding debts and not just poor credit rating, yes? I have no outstanding debts, but my credit rating is not great. This won't cause me substantial issue will it?
  5. sim_fitter, any chance of getting that £250 back that you still owe me?
  6. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Yes, yes I am

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  7. Well I can never remember them asking me? unless i misread a question, the questions was all the about the presence not the past i.e have you got a credit card in which the answer is no (but i did used to have one) but there was not one question simply asking, are you in debt or do you owe money, and if there was i would always answer honestly.

    I tried ringing them today so I could have a chat, and was on hold for 45 minutes!! so i hung up, but i will try tomorrow morning to clean this up..
  8. Ok, Ill tell ya what i will pay you back in instalments, 10p a week is that okay, so you will receive full payment May 2065 :D
  9. It can do, because they would call it an non-declaration. However, giving them a call to square them up should remove that barrier.

    Also, although it does declare on the form or letter somewhere that the NSV vetting decision cannot be contested, it's bollocks. It can be contested and pushed back through the system again. If it happens a second time, then they've come to the right decision.
  10. As far as I know, credit score is irrelevant, they have issues with any CCJ's, Bankruptcy and heavy defaults on your file, anything that would make you a vulnerable target for extortion, espionage or even theft.
  11. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    When I filled mine out mine asked me but that may be down to the section changing to financial circumstances because I had resided abroad.

    If it didn't ask then don't worry but I did mine last month and it did for me, but like I said the finances section changed for me.

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  12. I was pretty confident that was the case, just wanted to double check. Thanks.
  13. Just seen this thread and glad it has been posted as I had a few questions regarding the SC.

    Now, I'm not there yet as I have to pass the PJFT and interview first but over the past year my credit history hasn't been fantastic. I'm self-employed at present and the work hasn't been wonderful and have been late on some of my car insurance payments which counts as a default every time but did pay it later in the month.

    I unfortunately had to cancel my car insurance and I am paying back the cancellation fee but as regards the SC vetting, am I likely to be declined?

    I have been SC and DV cleared before though.

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