National Security Strategy Just Published - Full Text Here:

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Oct 18, 2010.

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  1. Re: National Security Strategy Just Published - Full Text He

    Was a bit disappointed with the document published today.

    Felt all dressed up and nowhere to go .......

    Oh well, I guess it's all going to be tomorrow, then .......
  2. Vacuous nonsense. If this is the level of Staff Work that's gone into the "strategy", then I'm looking forward to tomorrow....
  3. Soleil - are you stalkbooking me? I put that on my about 3 minutes before you posted it!

  4. :lol:

    Am I what?

    Actually, I can guess what that means ............

    There is a logical explanation, when you think about it ..........

  5. Yup, logically it means that either yes Alf is being stalked..............its a coincidence..............or Sol is a jedi

    Money is on mostly the 3rd and a bit of the 2nd
  6. My monies on the 3rd, Obi Wan 'Sol'obe :lol:

    admittedly its probs the 2nd though :)
  7. And here's me hoping it was the first.....

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