National Post (Canada): "Silencing The Echos Of History"

Peter Newman writes:

"The British government announced this month the closure of its historic naval base at Portsmouth, an island city on the south coast of the United Kingdom. In the 1980s, when I was an officer in the Royal Canadian Naval Reserves as well as a journalist, I was assigned by my commanding officer to visit Portsmouth, then the Royal Navy’s main base of operations, to consult and co-ordinate with our allies there."

Peter C. Newman: Silencing the echos of history | National Post


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I hope he was more skilled at being a Naval officer (were the Canuks dressing like Southdown bus drivers in the '80s?) than he is at being a journalist.
If Southdown bus drivers wear a fetching shade of green, then yes the Canucks may have been dressing like them. In 1968 when the services were unified, a single green uniform was introduced, but thankfully Distinctive Elemental Uniforms (aka DEU) were reintroduced starting around 1986.

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