National Pay Rates Will Be Scrapped In Budget


Here's a thing:National pay rates will be scrapped in budget - TelegraphTo save you reading the whole article, George Osborne is proposing the fact that the civil serpents will no longer be 'all of one company' and get paid the same (except London) since it is apparently not fair that if you live and work in a spot where wages are lower then you are overpaid and the whole system is uncompetitve. I can see the logic and if you are e.g. a jobcentre plus DWP employee working in downtown Newcastle then I bet that you are laughing all the way to the bank since not only do you have a job, it pays top $ for the area and you have a great pension (apologies to any Geordies who may be offended). The point is that the same job in say Sevenoaks or Guildford pays the same.Now here's the rub, and I know that the Gov't have shafted the AF with the payrise debacle, and I appreciate that there are different scales of pay for different branches but.....What if they somehow found a way to apply this to the mob? We are after all civil servants, albeit of a very specialised skill set and without Union representation. Does this mean that if you get a draft to Faslane then you get less pay because the cost of living is cheaper? I imagine that there are plenty of Gus rates who are comparitively better off for being in the South West than in Pompey where housing costs are significantly different. ...Just a thought.


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Could work in reverse - if you need teachers in a "bad" area you offer more. Market demands. Let Head teachers set pay to reflect their priorities.
This will work if head teachers are allowed to set pay rates, but will probably be counter productive if the rates are set by the CS as a whole. It will be interesting to see how it pans out.
Education is a strange one. Funding is by pupil numbers and pupil deprivation and the are only so many ways to cut the cake due to the way spend is heavily shaped by govt policy so there may not be many changes between schools but Maths and English teachers may well end up on £10K more than their colleagues in the same school.


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This will ensure that government money (which is not actually the government's) will be concentrated in the richer southern parts of the UK as the government will cut allocations local government to match what they see as the local market rate.

This in turn will mean less money to spend in these poorer areas, thus ensuring they stay poorer areas.
Lets remember one thing, they are not doing this to pay people more money. Across the board it will be massaged to save money for the gov so they can go ahead and not spend it on nhs/education/forces. Don't forget they'll need a huge quango to manage it and consult for them -- probably headed by some lord or some such.

I get paid around 5k more than my equivalent up north because if I buy a 2bed in a nice area it' around 250k, not 150k. Thing is, everything else cost the same.. Bet you they'll find a way to bracket me out of that 5k london bonus based on some bollocks report.
The Trades Unions will love this one, stand by for the shite to hit the fan and if this does happen will it also mean that those MPs whose constituencies are in the North and West will be taking a proportionate cut in their wages and allowances to reflect this?



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Will this apply to MPs (as public employees) ?

I.E. MPs representing poorer areas will be paid less ?

Somehow I doubt it.

When the government said that various public officials should wear name badges someone asked the minister whether he would and he claimed that somehow it shouldn't apply to him or his colleagues.

Remember "we are all in this together" !



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Apparently won't apply to doctors & dentists but will to nurses and support staff. Great way to get everyone working together as a team!! :)
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