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National Monument to the Armed Forces

But I think[ a National memorial such as this is long overdue, the losses since WWII need to be brought to the public eye especially round this time of year, they should be remembered. The November Ceremony always reminds us of those who fell in the two Great Wars even though the Cenotaph represents all those who have fallen in Service of their country. Those who died in Suez, Korea, N. Ireland, Malaysia, The Falkland Isles, Iraq, Afghanistan and other conflicts deserve to have their names immortalised, we owe it to them. Putting all in one place makes that Memorial more moving, as it should be.

ChiefTiff I agree with you entirely and I would add that, I am a regular attender at the cenotaph in London, and even then we do not have time to stop at the memorial,just to stop and ponder the sacrifices made by our comrades in arms. It is, as stated, a very understated monument, but it is in the middle of a very busy road during all, but Rememberance day. This new memorial is a very powerful monument, and in a park like surround, where families and loved one's and friends can sit quietly with their thoughts.
I certainly support it, and it's location.

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