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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by SouthLancsLad, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. Sorry to ask such a basic question :oops: But:

    I'm currently filling in my application form, and have reached the part asking for my National Health Number.

    I wasn't aware that I had one, and neither are my parents.

    Does everyone have one, and if so how can I get mine?
  2. My parents had mine on a little sheet of paper, i am assuming however if they have lost it then you would be best to speak to your doctor.
  3. To find out your NHS number, you can usually just ask your GP, because it will be written on your medical history notes.
    If you want a new medical card, including your NHS number, then please follow these guidelines. Visit (NHS) and click on NHS Organisations. Find your local Primary Care Trust (formerly Health Authority). You may need to search by using your postcode. When you contact your Primary Care Trust (PCT), ask to be put through to their Patient & Practitioners Service Agency and say that you would like to know your NHS number, or require a medical card.
    Registration staff will take all your relevant details: name, date of birth, address and GP and then issue a medical card, usually within two days. The information you give is confidential. You may be asked to confirm selected personal details in order to verify your identity.

    the miracles of google
  4. Are you or your parents British? :?: You would have been issued with a number when you were born :!:
  5. The format of NHS numbers changed a few years ago from an alpha/numeric code to a 10 digit (numerical only) code so if you do ask your GP ensure you get the most recent number.
  6. Got it off my GP now, thanks all for your help.

    Did try Google incidetally, couldn't find anything relevant though.

    SLL - Retiring to the Dunce's corner.

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