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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by chrisj09, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. got my test in two days and i need to take my original documents, says i need to a take a national health card i havnt got one of these but i know my national health number would this be fine?
  2. I'm led to believe they dont issue new cards just the number. That may not be gospel though.
  3. Hello am currently in the recruitment process myself, i have my PJFT on the 20th. Yeah when i had my RT Test i was told i had to bring the documents, there is no point f just giving them the number without the proof, they will ask for the official document. I contacted my doctors, that is the easiest way to get it, if you dont have it then dont worry!!, as long as you bring it to your interview ( that is if you get that far by the way : :lol: )
  4. Chrisj09

    If you can get the number written by the surgery staff on a piece of their headed paper, that will be fine.

    Key things for your test day are your passport and birth certificate.
  5. Why is it that you can never find your birth certificate when you need it. Going to be hard enough finding my degree certificate...and I only got that last year. Think I know where my NH card is...bother.
  6. right it seems i do have a national health card with my old number on it, if i got down to the doc tomorrow could he update it there and then?
  7. They won't be able to issue a card with the new number or amend the old one, Chris, but they will be able to write your new number on a sheet of their headed paper - that is what you need to ask for.

    They should also be able to advise on obtaining a card with your new number on it - that may take a little while, but as long as you have the new number on a sheet of their paper, you should be fine at the AFCO this week.
  8. i just had my number written down on a odd piece of paper and it was excepted no problemo....
  9. i got sent a new card about 3 months ago, i applied online, and received it in a week :) ill find the site and post it here for you
  10. Passport ! - sod that, let the pusser supply one like they did me.

    Aw come on, your not telling me they have scrubbed round that as well ?
  11. They pay for renewall of expired passports, but you have to have a valid passport to join, it's one of the conditions.

    Cost cutting I believe they call it.
  12. They will be stopping the supply of knicks, socks and jim jams next.
  13. Cost-cutting my arse! Why should Pusser pay for the passport of someone who isn't even in the Navy yet?
  14. It could be argued "Why do you need a Passport" before you join up ?
    Except of course for your own convenience.
  15. went down the gp today asked from one , apprently they dont do them now , so she wrote down my number on a headed paper and stamped it etc.
  16. That's fine Chris, you can apply for a new NHS card in due course.

  17. They may have been refering to the fact they no longer issue them at the actual surgery any more but they are still being issued. The best advice I can give is crack out the telephone directory and look up the number for you local Primary Care Trust, ring them and ask about receiving a replacement.

    BTW. The website previously mentioned is an application for a European Health Insurance Card which effectively replaces E111 forms.
  18. Oh it's worse than that, unless you're going front line in the next 6 months it's now up to YOU to renew your passport too, can't even claim it back on JPA. Doesn't matter that it's a requirement of service to have an in date passport.
  19. I joined up without one as I didn't need one before hand and the MOB paid for my first passport lol I've heard that no longer happens :lol:

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