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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Tailz, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. Hey again

    Got my letter for my Phscyometric test here, and it says bring along a few documents including my National Health Card.

    It says i should be able to get this at my gp, who i just visited and said they dont give them out and they never have, he seemed quite confused :S

    But anyway he gave me a number to ring, "Practitioners Service Unit".

    Do i need to do this? I mean ive got my national health number which is all my doctor seemed too think i needed.

    So basically do i need my national health "card" aswell as my national health number?

    Any help is appreciated, thanks
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The NHS Card is not a means of identity & the number is often on the front of your Birth Certificate anyway. As long as you can provide evidence of your NHS number, that's fine.
  3. Thanks Buddy

    Was well confused =]
  4. Your National Health Card will have been issued to you when you first registered at a surgery, your parents may still have it. Chances are it's an old-style one anyway and will need to get a new one (with a new number)posted to you.
    Find your trust and contact them. They were very helpuful when I requested my new card.
  5. okay well is that like a yes, definately get your card, or no just go down with your nhs number and birth certificate?
  6. Tailz,

    Whilst you may not need your NHS card for this, you may need it later in life - as Snappers said, your NHS trust will provide you with one - they did for me and by the looks of things Snappers.

    HOWEVER, Uncle Ninja is a recruiting officer, so if you want SPOT ON ADVICE - LISTEN TO UNCLE NINJA - WHAT HE SAYS GOES !!!!!

    Edited for typo
  7. Alright, Storms! :) As KLNA says, there are people here who'll know better, but getting a new card will take about three days (as in my case) and it will have a new number. This is important as you will need it in the future and it's a good opportunity to get it sorted.
  8. I wasn't having a go Snappers, just pointing out Uncle Ninja IS God
  9. If your NHS number starts with three letters you need to get a new number.
  10. I know, was just teasing him :)

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