National Hat-Wearing Day


War Hero
OK, it's March 29 and it's National Hat-wearing day. What will YOU wear? Photos please. I'm being retro



War Hero
It was Harry Icers on the commute his morning so I wore:

Cap Knit Watch, NSN 6405 01 006 1074.


Lantern Swinger this even a real 'day'?

Oh yes, tomorrow is 'red Y-front day'!
Apparently so SB

According to the report, there have been 13 different World 'something' Days in just 1 week.

Quote: What day is it? Last week, there were 13 possible answers to that question — it was International Day of Happiness on Tuesday, World Water Day on Thursday and World Tuberculosis Day on Saturday.
Wednesday was really busy with five different designations including World Poetry Day, International Day of Forests, World Down Syndrome Day, and International Day of Nowruz — a rites of spring celebration.

I have a hard time remembering Mrs. P birthday and our anniversary...but I do remember I wasn't too fcuking happy last Tuesday so the International Day of Happiness is a load of bollocks.


War Hero
More ideas?

National hug a ginger kid day.
National go to work on a pogo stick day.
National leave your kids on the M5 day.
National incontinence awareness day.
National seagull culling day.
National men can do whatever the fuck they want day (subject to statutory laws and legislation).
National smoke in public buildings day.
National trip up a jogger day.

I have a plentiful supply of suggestions.