Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by percey99, Sep 18, 2006.

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  1. I have just heard a BNP person talking about how we should rid the country of NON WHITE people , As a british white man I find this statement to be a disgace ??? Is there a society in being to ban the BNP and National Front , they are just racist scum ???
  2. I think your best bet will be the Anti-Nazi league who, I'm guessing, also share your common desire for action against these deficient social viruses.
  3. The problem is that the BNP play on peoples fear, as Hitler did, the only thing that will stop them is the Ballot Box, and thanks to our past couple of Governments, thats not going to happen, these people should be taken seriously, they have already picked up Council Seats, Government have got to start listening to the people, the Immigration problem for a start, we have Muslims Protesting all over the place, death to all those that do not believe in Islam, The police do nothing, an old age pensioner arrested and removed from a meeting for objecting, a young woman arrested for reading out the names of the dead soldiers in Iraq, its no wonder the BNP are picking up votes, for all you Liberal do gooders out there remember that an appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile and hopes it will eat him last.
  4. Detestable group of people, but banning them will only fire their sense of victimisation of the "White Man". They should be engaged with and shown for the ridiculous social inadequates they are.

    Banning doesn't really acheive a lot and is against the basic tennants of freedom of matter how repellent they are!
  5. The BNP have got the right idea----------------

    However they are too OTT -- :lol: :lol:

    There are too many liberal/human rights/ mustn't do this people in this country and its becoming a farce .
    Prisoners slopping out---- big bucks -human rights breach

    Guy on rooftop protest----the cops gave him a coat cos he was cold -he stayed up there 48 hours and ruined the roof of the next door neighbour etc --they fed the guy aswell so he wouldn't get hungry!!

    Don't say anything against Islam to the extent that our own religeous festivals are being encroached

    Beginnin to wonder who's in who's country .
  6. I wouldn't worry about the BNP. They are a joke. A pretty offensive joke admittedly but still a joke. (One of the funniest things I've ever seen was a skinhead in Waterstones trying to buy a copy of Mein Kampf).

    Their current leader has tried to bring them into the mainstream, like the Front National in France, but he has failed. He has succeeded in stopping his members dressing up in Nazi uniforms while out in public but, nonetheless, the BNP remains little more than a social club for people with severe personality disorders.

    Try to get hold of the Panorama episode where an undercover reporter joined the BNP. The scene where one of their 'Regional Coordinators' starts playing the banjo is straight out of Deliverance.

    On the other hand - if they dumped the skinheads and got themselves a charismatic leader - then we would need to worry.
  7. The Anti Nazi League used to be a front for the Communist Party of GB. Perhaps Percey doesn't want to swing that far left.

  8. I could care less if they get upset because they feel they are being picked on. Tell it to the people they victimise on a daily basis! :evil:

    They should be outlawed for spreading hate in the same way that anyone else, muslim, jew, prodestant, catholic, etc should be. There is no place for intolerence in our society.

  9. Our fathers mothers uncles aunts fought a war to rid the planet of scum such as these. This scum can only mouth of because they have freedom of speech unheard of in a society they would love to create.

    When the surgeon appears who is of say asian origin do they say piss off when there life hangs in the balance?? Probably because the light is on but nobody is at home!! DOH!!
  10. I was looking at their manifesto cos someone told me they would outlaw mixed marriages if they got in. Yeah cheers girls, I'd like to see those pricks tell me that I can't live in the UK with my Asian wife, wannabe nazi wankers get back in your box. Met a couple of those combat 18 tossers a few years ago, hard as nails in a big group!!!!
  11. There getting smarter though. The political elements have started to wear suits, appear reasonable and prey on the issues which worry those idiots stupid enough to listen to them most.

    To take Lingyai's point a little further - didn't Hitler use this approach too?

  12. I think the phrase is polishing a turd...
  13. Its strange some of the views on tolerance on this thread, and your views on the mad mullahs are..............................?
  14. Don't you just love these PC people! So the big bad nasty terrorist wants to kill you, but he's got his right so best we buy him some bullets so he can and also please stand still so as not to spoil his aim!

    Funny how every time we hear of a gun crime a black is involved! Maybe just maybe the BNP has got the right idea - over the top yes, but the right idea! As well as the blacks what about the Eastern European - most of them are only white kaffirs anyway - and before you get on your high horse about the little darlings remember first you got to work with them before you see what they are like (aint too many in the Services yet, nor will there be cos their brothers are killing them! - remember a few years ago we trained to kill them - they don't forget even if we seem to - except them from the fiftties, sixties and seventies (80's too) Let them prove how good they are get intop combat (on our side) at least some of the blacks (of all shades) are.
  15. This is one of the things that pisses me off about the BNP... their so called Trafalgar Club - an insult to the memory of Nelson.

    All this said, having explored their website, I do think that quite a lot of Rum Rationers would feel perfectly at home with their current policies - read their articles, for example. :wink:

    I remain a dyed in the woolley pulley liberal.
  16. Nice tie on there though!LOL
  17. We live in a country of free speech we ban them because someone doesn't like their view we have to start banning all political parties because they don't preach what everyone wants to here.

    Wouldn't piss on them if they were

    a) on fire


    b) paid me
  18. At least they dont go around blowing up people.
  19. Estimates of the total number of Muslims in the world vary greatly:

    0.700 billion or more, Barnes & Noble Encyclopedia 1993
    0.817 billion, The Universal Almanac (1996)
    0.951 billion, The Cambridge Factfinder (1993)
    1.100 billion, The World Almanac (1997)
    1.200 billion, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic relations)

    At a level of 1.2 billion, they represent about 22% of the world's population. They are the second largest religion in the world. Only Christianity is larger, with 33% of the world's inhabitants.

    Amount that blow themselves up or are in agreeance 0.1% of these people

    Does that mean because the BNP have the word BRITISH in it, the rest of the world should automatically assume all Britons are all in agreeing with them?

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