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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, May 13, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - All UK veterans deserve a medal, say campaigners

    Perhaps the medals, if the idea ever gets taken up, could be made from the Ark Royals scrap metal. Submariners could have theirs struck from bits that fall off the Astute and as a special tribute all FAA members could have theirs made from redundant Harriers.
  2. Doesn't Mr Lovelace know that this is cheapskate UK where you get a little badge and not a lovely shiny gong, mind you if it means another one for the royals we could be in with a chance but I hae ma doots.
  3. I see Mr Lovelace says "time is running out". Does he know something I don't, is the Grim Reaper coming after all us ex-servicemen soon? Should I be worried?

    I need to know!!!!
  4. Right here's the thing.
    Many service men and women were attacked by the IRA campaign in Germany and main land Britain. Some were shot dead as in the Lichfield railway shooting just up the road from here. The Royals had the shit blown out of them in barracks as did the para's at Shrewsbury. Nail bombs for the household Cavalry. None got so much as a carrot.
    The lad down the road from me has just been to Kabul for a few months with crab air and he's bleating on about his gong like it was the MM.
    So a piece of cupro nickel for being there in case would not be a bad way of saying thank you.
    And before anyone goes for my throat I have bling so I aint chasing jack shit.
    And thanks for the LSM I didn't get penny pinching bastards.:pottytrain2:
  5. You never know when your numbers up mate, my lad stood at a bus stop in brum about an hour ago and some prick has put one on him out the blue. He got one in back but still ain't got a clue what kicked off.
    And mine came from no where so, so yes mate be afraid, be very afraid.
    Do you want a fuckin medal?
  6. paraphrasing a certain movie...medals? I don't need no stinking medals, besides, I've got a badge.
  7. a lot of brave men and women served this country and got no medals
    if you did not do an opp tour ask for a veterans badge and wear it with pride
  8. also to my other post if you lost friends that where standing or sitting
    beside you.its in your mind and heart all the time
    and no medals will ever remove that.
    i know ive been there
  9. Amazing
    the early days of my RN career the guys who had medals usually hid them away or ''lost '' them !!
    Apart from that the hassles of sowing on the ribbon on blue suits and getting them mounted etc.
    The WW2 older guys mainly senior rates all wore their's but the lads never bothered!

    As for awarding medals well the qualifying times screwed up a lot of guys when the ships came off station . Did the hard times
    but not for long enough!

  10. Not sure how many people have seen the long running thread on this subject on ARRSE? Its 72 pages long (& counting) so you'll need a lot of enthusiasm to wade through it ....
  11. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Aye, it's a ripping yarn that thread on arrse, I cant find mine, lost in transit, but if someone can supply me a green lid I'd appreciate it, I'll be able to take NZB on the pish every Anzac day.
  12. Fair one mate. I couldn't agree more. I don't feel I've deserved any of my gongs. I'm in more danger when I go to fetch the paper in the morning than any of the "warzones" I've frequented.

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  13. There's always Ebay,and Award Medals,if you want to make Idi Amin, look a part timer. My view is you only wear wot you get gratis, if you feel you did not deserve them,wear them for those who died,otherwise maybe there name might not live for evermore.
  14. I suppose much of it depends on how you view a medal. Is it a recognition of danger (in which case some UPO staff in Afghanistan might need to hand theirs back in) or is it a recognition of Service (in which case there needs to be a re-evaluation of some tasks and campaigns which have not attracted such awards)? I'm curious to see how the Parliamentary review on the medals system reports, if indeed it is ever allowed to.
  15. If you really want a green lid "safeguard" ,pm me size and I will see what I can do,do you want both shiny and dull badge? Dread to think what the postage is for NZ though!!
  16. Loved it when an oppo got his gong from the Ark in GW1 nwhen it went round n round off Cyprus!
  17. Considering the majority of a Harrier (GR, bastard son of a Harrier) is plastic, they will be thin medals!!! :)

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