National Armed Forces Day

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by thingy, May 19, 2008.

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  1. hmmm, the Royal Tournament article is the Telegraph; we all know how they like to sensationalise litterally everything. I am reminded of reading a week long set of articles not so long ago about how the RN was being halved, and the RAF disbanded.

    And the MP in question - Quentin Davies. This man always likes to make a statement! He's just after the column inches...

    Please don't get me wrong, I would LOVE the RT to come back; I have many wonderful memories of them from my childhood, but I just can not see it happening at the moment. Maybe in a few years, after proper defense budgeting and a change of govenrment....
  2. Nice idea, but if they make it a bank holiday it wont be no good for us, we will all get stiched up with parades, instead of having long weekenders.

    How about the civvies do a parade for us to go and watch?

    Seriously though I fully support this, its a great idea.
  3. Bugger! ^_^;

    I do hope the Royal Tournament returns.... It's worth going along JUST to see the Mast Manning display... if they do it.
  4. hackle

    hackle Badgeman Moderator

    The 'National Recognition of our Armed Forces' paper published today can be seen here. I discussed it this afternoon on the Glen Mansell show on BFBS Radio 2.
  5. Hackle

    Thanks. This will be very useful. I've had an enquiry about this today.

  6. It would please me far greater if the Useless Government that we have would do the right thing by our Armed Forces, and that is,

    Bring them home from these illegal wars.
  7. Ooooh Errr....... Sharp Intake of breath as I put my Health & Safety Hat on.

    Seriously though Good Luck to all you serving members, you deserve some recognition at last, it would be a bit of a bugger if you had to parade on your day off though.

    Mind you I won't complain if I get another Day off.
  8. Most civvy parades take place on Saturday! - The Football Hooligan Site

    Would you believe they actually have there own site!!

    Beam me up Scotty there aint no intelligent life down here!!!!!!

  9. I have been following this and supporting this day since it began. It was brought up on The Wright Stuff programme during the week, and there were variable answers. Some said we had Remembrance Day, but as with those who said, my opinion is that this day is for those who have lost their lives in all wars and conflicts over the many years, and will remain so.

    It is high time, and more so now that our Armed Forces are awarded in some way, and for them to know that the nation are with them in what they do for us and their country. It is also a day to remember in some way our friends that we have not seen for many years since the most of us are ex services now. I often sit back and think of my times, and wonder where such and such is now.

    Not sure of what date to have it, but I would in my opinion go for the Monday following Remembrance Sunday. We have remembered those lost, and can take a day to reflect on those who are still serving and fighting for the cause.

    Regards, Chris
  10. One discussion I heard stated that it wouldn't necessarily be a Monday. The cynical side of me thinks it'll be Friday PM.....

    Screw the CBI, we work more than other Europeans as it is. The Civil Serpants will squeal as they get enough days off as it is. An Autumn Bank Hol would be nice and the day after Remembrance Day sounds ideal.

    Best marching shoes on then chaps- do you think we'll get a day in lieu?
  11. why not have a Forces Day around about the 21st October. Nelson would be happy and would break the time between August Bank Holiday and Christmas and is roughly half way between.
  12. Down in Guzz the Cdre stopped leave for all servicemen and women to attend Remembrance Sunday on the Hoe - they dripped like fcuk until they got in the bar afterwards - feckin loved it, chance to wear the medals.
    (standfast submariners) fcuking bite there eh!! day off after a fab DTS for service people would be a great idea.
    Get the petion going
  13. Sorry lads but I still think this is yet another "quick, must be seen to be doing something" stunt from a Government and Prime Minister who couldn't really give a flying f**k for the Armed Forces, to generate some popular image that they really do care. If this is supported, It will simply enoble a regime that does not deserved it. It will also be a nutter magnet for everyone and anyone who is either a pacifist or simply dislikes Government foreign policy. Very importantly, as many of you have said, it will become just another Bank Holiday with extra duties for those serving.

    My advice, for what it's worth, is to firmly tell these popularity seeking barstewards to shove it where the vet puts his thermometer.
  14. Shouldn't the money that could be saved by not having a armed forces day/parade/whatever be used for better equipment for the lads?

    Its good for morale, but it'd be even better if there was nicer housing, or enough weapons/helicopters.

    Surely thats a better way to spend the little funds that are available?
  15. It could be to cast a Sprat to catch a Mackrel
    Though to be honest the Royal Tournament is only of interest to those that "have served" the young ones could not give a toss

    As for a days holiday again it would just be seen as a day off and could not give a toss why, just an extra day off

    Refer to Rudyard Kiplings poems
    Tommy this and Tommy that

    Very few civvies give a toss about us, unless we are saving their bacon in their face
    Just now they do not realise that without us doing what we do they would be in deep
    When they are in deep, and we do what we do, it will be welcome hero until any conflict is over then back to "who" "what" "when"

    Those that appreciate the armed forces are very few or ex-forces themselves as in those that attend the Royal Tournament

    Back in the Falklands war, the only interest from the public was the "exciting" war pictures and stories available on the news, ask them to partake and it would be wet themselves and find exuses to leave or emigrate
    We are only appreciated when we are "needed" and then fade into insignificance
    The UK with a sixty forty split of immigrant/national could not care less until it is them who have to face it

    The average civvy only has an interest if it means one days less work to do without disturbing the income

    Jack McHammocklashing RO9 (Rate not the ship)
  16. Stan,

    One of the two most decorated men I know is a submariner (and very handy with a sledgehammer). The other isn't a skimmer.

    PS. This is not a nibble, merely a factually correct reply.

    BTW, Jack McH, Tommy Atkins sprang to my mind as well neebs.

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