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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by golden_rivet, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. There's a programme on Radio4 about our national anthem. Listening to it reminds me of something that makes me smile - the time I had to stand up to the Argentine national anthem at an Independance Day dinner in the Argentine Embassy in a country in South America...

    so the question is what's your strangest diplomatic experience relating to national anthems either ours or other people's ????? :)
  2. When I was at the very start of my training as a part-time pongo, someone's mobile went off in the middle of a lecture. Their ring tone was 'God Save the Queen'.

    The SMI taking the lecture made everyone stand up for it until the phone stopped ringing and then flung the culprit outside with his pace stick.

    Still makes me smile to think about it. :D
  3. Not quite on topic, and I'm as patriotic as the next hippy, but I think it's high time we changed it. It's a dirge, and the words are Victorian crap.

    I suggest 'We all live in a Yellow Submarine'. That would work around the stands and on the parade grounds.
  4. oh dear CD - better stand by for incoming - bet this doesn't go down well among the more traditional 'members' :lol:
  5. Too bloody true! It also somewhat predates HM the Queen Victoria as well.
  6. Yes it was written as a patriotic song at the time of the 1745, in support of that very nice German George.
  7. Had a problem in Izmir with the turks many years ago, a few of us were going ashore and the turks were playing some music in the square and the locals stopped what they were doing quicker than us. They kicked off big time, filthy buggers.
    It is still required here in Bangkok in certain places at 1800 to stand still but you are not given any grief if you don't, and since the advent of the mp3 player, a lot don't even notice.
  8. I'd be happy to change it Land of Hope & Glory as it's easier to sing and always inspires me at the Proms!
  9. Two places where respect for flags athems nation and rulers is still pretty strong.
  10. Hamburg 1988...

    HM warship avec myself gets alongside and give a quick blast of the german national anthem. Hamburg is in west germany and the west german national anthem is called deutschland uber alles and our boss (having had his chip shop bombed by the hun), decided we'd have the the anthem of the GDR instead.

    Long faces all round and an apology sent forthwith to Bonn. Administrative error.
  11. Go into any RSL Club in OZ and at a set time varies club to club but often at 9pm every day all activity stops to remember the fallen. I cannot be sure if it was the NA or Last post is played. Perhaps an upside down person will tell me exactly what happens.

  12. Definitely time for a change of national anthem. I admit to being one of RRs old gits but would like to see a change. land of hope & glory would suit me
  13. Wot about 'Always look on the bright side of dum... de.dum.. de de.'
  14. "Jerusalem"

    Not only will we get a great tune but can upset the Jews and Muslims in one hit.

  15. Indeed, but my brain keeps rewriting it as 'Hail to thee Kamp Krusty' and forcing me to watch more of The Simpsons, so I could never take it seriously.
  16. But was Jerusalem in UK?

    'And did those feet.... ???'

    No... won't go there.

    Glastonbury's got enough to put up with...
  17. I'm with Billy Connelly on this one,lets have the theme tune to the Archers!
  18. If we are not careful we will end up with the American Anthem. After all he treats Tony b as if he were the governor of just another American state!
  19. If we are not careful we will end up with the American Anthem. After all he treats Tony b as if he were the governor of just another American state!

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