Nat West and Barclays Bank Card Issues

Just been informed by someone in Finance at my work that Nat West Bank and Barclays computer system has crashed. No one has any idea why. Shops and any banks cannot accept Nat West or Barclays debit cards at the moment and cannot issue cash on these cards. Credit cards are still working.

This info should be accurate but you never know so don't take it as testiment. It also affects online shopping and banking so if you are having problems this could be the cause.
Perhaps Gordon Brown has entered the wrong PIN number 3 times and they have kept the Government's card - so no more handout cash until the Post Office delivers a new PIN (whoops, that won't happen they are on strike!)
Jason, you are a f*unt of all knowledge. :twisted:

(Keep fell in as the Duty Poster, after all someone has to keep RR ticking over until some of the ROMFT deserters collect their toys and start trickling back......)