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Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by babystew, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. yesterday i opened an e-mail purporting to come from .
    [email protected] . saying would i like to upgrade to ie 7.
    taking anything for nothing i grabbed it. mcafee went ballistic. my screen went light blue and a yellow window appeared centr screen telling me my computer was infected with 1610 viruses. ( it wasn't ) but at the time panic set in. i ran mcafee anti-virus it found 1 but could not delete it.
    i tried system restore it had been disabled. i then googled it and found there were hundreds of us all trying the same thing.
    1 person came up with malwarebytes anti-malware it's free download and ran. it found 33 alterations to my reg keys. it also dleted all of them.
    names are; joke- blue screen.c
    fake alert-aq
    antivirus xp 2008
  2. You know it now, but don't answer those emails!

    If you want to see if you need software updates, run the Microsoft Software Update software. Or get a Mac and avoid viruses!

    (Sits back smugly...!)
  3. Or run Linux (opensuse) - <also sits back smugly>
    Spent an hour and a half trying to sort out a colleagues laptop who had got the antivirus 2008 XP and joke.bsud (?) trojan. Symantec and spybot had difficulty removing it permanently. I have advised him to reformat the laptop and start again.
  4. Or use ESET NoD 32, which scans emails :roll:

    Far better than wasting time and money buying a MAC, or using Linux.
  5. Don't get too smug:

    OS X flaw may leave Macs open to virus attacks
    Apple Computer was investigating a reported security flaw Friday in its OS X operating system that could allow vandals to trick Macs into opening dangerous files, such as Trojan horses and viruses.

    Mac OS X faces hacker threats: Symantec
    Symantec is warning that Apple's OS X operating system is increasingly becoming a target for hackers and malware authors.

    Mac virus author admits coding difficulties
    The proof of concept Mac OS X virus, which was discovered late last week and dubbed Macarena, includes comments in the code that indicate the author had a difficult time creating the malware.

    Still not a problem, but it is coming. The total denial of 'cannot get a virus' that circulates among Mac users is what is making the naughty boys start to turn their attention to Mac, they want to get into the history books.
  6. I thought Microsoft was a virus! :biggrin:
  7. That's why I use OpenSuse and I work in IT. Why pay for software when you don't have to? Quite simple really
  8. Got that email yesterday and my Norton 2008/9 gave me the warning
    not to open it as it was dangerous .
    Its part of the pishing ie sender not being the correct addressee
    protection that has now been updated for spoof mails.

    never had bother with any viruses since going Norton Internet security and making sure that I check with Microsoft for security download updates .

    Idiots online trying to spoil it for others again

    :nemo: :nemo:
  9. I use Yahoos freebie E-Mail, which does a good job of sorting gash from welcome E-Mails. The gash ends up in the appropriate compartment which automatically empties after one month. As a matter of principal if I don't recognise the mail it gets binned.
  10. Do not click on links in emails
    Do not open attachments from people you don't know personally, and even then.... think carefully beforehand
    ....and if a Nigerian offers you a billion dollars from his Grandad's will/estate if you pay him to transfer the's probably a scam.... :thumright:
    Leo Laporte does a sound line in avoiding malware...go Google
  11. a friend of mine recently got a virus pretending to be antivirus "Antivirus 98".

    AVG free catches it, but can't delete, it took a long time to get rid of; we had to open regedit and remove all traces of that rubbish from there. Still it kept popping up after reboot. System Restore function failed to work.
    We had to switch off System Restore and delete all the traces again in regedit.
    After another reboot it's gone. System Restore was switched on again.
  12. babystew, how are things? Did you manage to sort it out?
  13. all gone, the program which is a free download cleared all traces off the computer and it's working better than ever. free download is .
    malwarebytes anti-malware. highly reccomend it . thanks for asking henry :thumright:
  14. babystew, congratulations! :) And thanks for the hint, I'll have a peep at the program, doubt if I ever used it.
  15. couldn't help but notice at the end of this thread is an advert for anti-virus xp 2008 . which has the same name as the one that fcked my computer.
    BEWARE????????????AntivirusXP2008 Exposed? google it
  16. More here:
  17. But of course Symantec would say a much.

    They want Mac's to grind to a halt like Windows PC's :pc:

    However if you have your Mac firewall set to 'Stealth. then how is the offending virus going to find you. Your hidden!

    I recently installed 'Avast' AV for Mac on my systems and ran the program.

    The only files it located as hostile were it's own exe files. I un-installed and accepted the risk that some-one out there just may hit my system. Not happened in four years - but!! Never say never. :windows: :pukel:

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