Nasty Scam YOU cant do much about! (baseball bat req'd)

Simple.A Pissed Off Partner (POP).... A Woman Scorned, sure as my eyes are brown. Gotta be a gal, men are too direct for this sort of thing.

It's an expansion of the old scenrio ofcutting up his suits, ends of ties and pouring sugar into the car water tank.

What did he do to deserve it ? Hedge my bets it was infidelity, something that hit the mark emotionally and hurt her pride.

Either way....what a corker way to do it. Better that than he wake up c**kless, no ?
So now there will be thousands more on all types of free advert pages.

Just why do people believe there is such a thing as a free lunch? or is it just plain Greed?

Because the buffet was left on an open table, with loopholes in advertising legislation that's why. How many people honestly exclude themselves from the adage, 'If it's shiny, I'll have it' ?
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