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Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by mark.dennis, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. hi im currently in the royal engineers(army) but have a 4 week work placement at culdrose as im looking at transfering just want to know how far the nearest train station is and what taxi prices are like. i am arriving this sunday will there be any transport laid on from the station
  2. The nearest train station is my local town Redruth. You then have to get the connecting bus that goes to Culdrose. The train station is about 10 miles away from Helston/Culdrose

    It's a fair distance by Taxi so it won't be cheap probably about £20 but don't quote me on that.
  3. Think its Redruth!! PS no transport for pongos :wink: :wink: LOL You before me Tommo :oops:
  4. My friend has a a taxi company in Fal and i know she's pretty reasonable, although I will be roughly doing that journey tonight so as for prices I could give you an idea tomorrow- If i can remember that is! :D
  5. Redruth to Culdrose has always been a pain in the arse. Navy used to run a bus service for the trainees. But that stopped years ago I'm led to believe.

    Best thing is find someone else on the train and see if they are prepared to share a taxi. In the 70's it used to be £12. Add 30 years of inflation and you'll be close and see why you need to find some one to share the cost of a taxi.
  6. Watch out for the pointie heads after your non contaminated gene pool
  7. Mark where are you traveling from, Lots of folk weekend up the line so may be able to get a lift from over the Tamar. Post where you are from and I will look for lifts at Culdrose tomorrow for you.
  8. Nothing wrong with my gene pool - ta very much! :roll:
  9. A Taxi fare from Culdrose to Redruth Train Stations is £36 on the meter price.

    Link below to Taxi company who do this for 20% discount for Culdrose 'staff'

    hope this is helpful
  10. I think he may have got there by now.
  11. I'd hope so :lol:
  12. Let's hope so

    Anyway, I hope you may find the info. useful

  13. It would've been a year ago when he was asking for the info :lol:

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