Anyone coming out soon with a fist full of wonga, but not enough to buy a narrowboat, though that would be the dream?

I am considering selling shares in my boat, Dreamcatcher. She's not new, but in good condition, except perhaps the outer paint-work.

Shared would start at £2,000 which would buy you two weeks per year, every year for the life of the boat, plus a share in maintenance costs. No-one knows yet how long a cared for steel narrowboat will last. It's a great deal! Have you seen what it costs to hire a narrowboat in season for one week?

Yo would be free to sell your share if you wish, and should the boat be sold you would get your money back pro rata.

I am doing this because I simply can't afford her on my own in the face of rising costs.

If you would like more details please PM me.

Uncle Tone
(ex-AA1, but so what? We're human too!)

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