Naming your kit

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by HookieBuntz, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. I have two 9 year old boys.

    Today, they came home from school and had been wearing one of a pair from each others shoes.

    The wife asked me how we could make sure they could tell them apart. She went ballistic when I got the tippex out and wanted to put their initials on the inside near the heel.

    What is so wrong with this? Seemed to work for my 21 years in the RN with my steamies.
  2. Still didn't stop your gulch oppo RAS'ing them though did it?!?!
  3. if your missus is so pissy about it, ask her why she has C&A in her knickers !!! 8O
  4. She was probably concerned that they'd get confused. Now had you painted "feet" in one pair and "socks" in the other, there would have no problem. :wink:
  5. I wondered how long it would take for you to mention "socks" AAC LOL
  6. tell them to put them away into their boot lockers, that way one will always nick the others and leave a pair behind for the last one out to wear.
  7. I sympatise; womenfolk just don't seem to appreciate the practical aspects of kit ownership and management (bet I get a pasting for that remark).

    I have two boys who are about the same size and have the same problem. I recommend that you get some coloured insulating tape and stick a tab of it inside each shoe (obviously different colours for each boy). Replace it as required. Alternatively grab a knife and make a small "X" underneath. It doesn't have to damage them and won't be too obvious.

  8. Works for percy L and R in recruit training does it not. :p
  9. 2 nine year old boys??? I am going for the tippex and a stiff drink for you Hookie!!! [email protected]
  10. It's not all women that don't appreciate it SF, being and ex-wren i'd have got the tippex out myself!! Can't see a problem with the idea meself!

  11. Tie them to each other (the shoes, not the kids).

    Loop the string across the shoulders and down the arms. I never lost a shoe as a kid.

    Or maybe that was gloves.
  12. LOL, through the sleeves of your snorkel jacket no doubt, making the green cross code impossible when the hood was zipped up!!! Happy days!

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