Naming toys in Sudan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by hobbit, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. No picnic here

    It seems there is no limit to the crazy legal systems in some countries although by now perhaps people should be aware that being alive is almost an offence in such places. Who would risk working there with the possible consequences. Let's hope this one is sorted before any floggging or worse takes place.
  2. Re: No picnic here

    Ah, the case of the schoolteacher who didn't think...

    Wondered when someone would post this.

    British officials are trying to secure the release of a British schoolteacher arrested in Sudan for letting her pupils name a teddy bear Muhammad.

    Personally I think that she was flaming stupid for letting it happen in the first place. Since she lives and works in an Islamic Culture she should know at least some of the cultural norms, and the prohibition of representation is a pretty significant one.

    However, I do think that imprisonment is a complete over-reaction to her lack of foresight.
  3. Re: No picnic here

    She should be put up for a Darwin award - I mean - how stupid to think that she could name a teddy Mohammed in a Muslim country.....she should have called it Osama.
  4. Re: No picnic here

    This is endemic of most British people abroad. They don't think before they act. No sympathy whatsoever!
  5. Re: No picnic here

    If anybody dared to call my TEDDY anything but Teddy they would die on the spot!!! That includes Osama Binlid!!
  6. Re: No picnic here

    So you've never done anything "stupid" when abroad huh??
  7. Re: No picnic here

    But do you call him Edward during formal ocassions?
  8. Re: No picnic here

    She made a cock-up, but I doubt she'd have allowed the kids to call Little Ted Jesus Christ.
  9. Re: No picnic here

    She would (should?) have received some sort of Induction before being accepted for a school position in an Islamic country, advising all the do's and don'ts - if she didn't then the employers are at fault, if she did then she must have 'forgotten' the rules somehow and that then could be taken as her fault.

    Stating that the 'children wanted....' is no excuse in their eyes, and the fact that they were Muslim children, I believe, and the parents saw no problem in it, again, one 'bright spark' who objected - a teacher - professional jealousy perhaps ?

    And it does not matter (to them) that there are probably millions of people called Mohammed/Muhhamad etc in the world (which looseley called be 'in the image of'), they have people named 'Issa' but you don't hear bleats from Christians that Jesus' name is being taken in vain ?

    On a similar vein, the Saudi Air Force for 20 odd years used RAF flying boots as part of the uniform kit for their pilots, until one bright spark decided that the sole pattern actually looked like the word for 'Allah' and they were to be immediately withdrawn from service because it was an insult to walk on the name of God.

    The fact that it didn't look, in the slightest, like the word they were withdrawn - all it was one person decided and it happened.

    Incidentally, I worked with the Pakistani Air Force (well, we worked and they skived) when they were posted to KSA for three year stints to 'advise' (work off the national debt in reality) the RSAF, and for two years they worked alongside us friendly like, and the final year did all they could to s***stir as much as they could to be able to go home clutching a nice illuminated certificate stating that they were 'good muslims'.
    A progressive country in some aspects, but a hippocritical dictatorship in many others - perhaps not unlike ours... ;)
  10. Re: No picnic here

    We had the PAF at Tabuk - not very keen on working, but at the morning parade, they marched like the Brigade of Guards. Half of them were over the moon because they could make the pilgrimage to Mecca twice during their 3 year tour, while the rest spent all their time trying to get into the other half !
  11. Re: No picnic here

    Do I not remember a poll in the UK recently which revealed the most popular boys name is now Mohammed?
  12. Re: No picnic here

    I was at KFAA Riyadh - did you know a Supply Trainer called Eric Kirk?
  13. Re: No picnic here

    Nothing that has ever got me into trouble with the local police.
  14. Re: No picnic here

    Wise choice - they all carry weapons in Islamic countries !!

  15. Re: No picnic here

    Oh No! Not another Jehovas Witness :w00t:
  16. Re: No picnic here

    Please pm me your address so I can come round your house........and kill you :thumright:
  17. Re: No picnic here

    I think that's a real stretch of the imagination.
  18. Re: No picnic here

    That's what they tell us - and we mustn't disagree with them - it's against the law now ..... !!

    How about I say 'lots' ?? ;)
  19. Re: No picnic here

    The prohibitions are twofold; creating a representation of the work of Allah and specifically representing the Prophet. That's one of the reasons that Islamic art tends to be emblematic and stylised, rather than record.

    A living being is seen as the work of Allah, rather than being a representation. It's reasonable, although faintly creepy, to name someone in honour of the Prophet.

    This teacher got it on both counts, the bear is a crude representation of the work of Allah, and naming it Mohammed compounded the mistake.
  20. Re: No picnic here

    True, but given that it was mainly reported xenophobic tabloid style they didn't mention that its the equivalent of a surname, not a forename.

    It's a bit like saying Smith is quite a common surname in the UK.

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