Naming the Astute Class Simulators


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We have been asked to suggest names for the new Astute class Ship Control Simulator and Command Team Trainers.
I know you lot will be full of top suggestions, so let rip................. :thumright:


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The office came up with Astute, Real time Simulated Environment Trainer (A.R.S.E Trainer) or Command Unit Northern Trainer. No ones had the guts to submit these ideas through the official channels though.



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I think the idea is for something beginning with A, that would represent this new era in submarine training. Barney has got the right idea!


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How about ADAMANT for the SCTT? As most of the inboard staff are always ADAMANT you got it wrong! :)

And for the Ship Control Simulator ABSOLUTE.
Colin is a nice name....then again so is Percival. My favourite though is Dr Frankenfurter!
Oh Rocky!!!!
I've got the sword of DAMOCLES hanging over my headdddddd!
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