naming ships!!!!! any help

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by beth, Jan 21, 2007.

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  1. i have an interview in just a few days and was just wondering if anybody can name a few of the ships so that i have a genral knowledge of them it may come in handy
  2. HMS Victory,HMS Ark Royal,HMS Brittania,HMS Tiger,HMS Vanguard,HMS Warrior.LOL
  3. Isle of Wight Ferry
  4. HMS Loch Fada, HMS Vernon, HMS Dreadnought.
  5. beth.......what interview is it? if it is an AIB you've left it far too late. lol
    if it's just an afco one then a quick glance at the following site will give you enough basic info to get through.
    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  6. HMS Victory - Nelson's flagship and oldest still commissioned ship in the world.

    Ark Royal - current CVS, although being used for Helo's at the mo. Lastest in a long line of ships to bear the name the last one was portrayed in the TV series Sailor and the last British aircraft carrier used with conventional fixed wing air craft.

    HMY Brittania was the last Royal Yacht.

    HMS Tiger along with HMS Blake where the last RN cruisers (although HMS Belfast still exists if not currently in commission).

    HMS Vanguard, last RN Battleship. Current used for a submarine that carries Britain's strategic nuclear defence capability.

    HMS Warrior was a revolutionary Ironclad war ship of the mid 18th century.

    Isle of White ferry - means of getting from Pompey to Ryde.

    To these illustrious vessels I would add HMS Dreadnought revolutionary early 20th century warship that effectively made all the other great powers war ships obsolete over night. The name was reused in the 20th Century for Britain's first Nuclear powered Submarine
  7. A quick tip, Beth. Should you happen to fancy a day out on the Isle Of Wight from Pompey, don't ask for a ticket to Ryde.

    It pisses the ticket man right off!
  8. AFCO wats an AIB???
  9. Admiralty Interview Board,its for those that want to be Officers.
  10. Of course Beth, the real question is why would anyone want to become an Officer when all the hairy stokers are Ratings? :???:
  11. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Not quite, the RN still has a cruiser still in commission today - HMS Caroline, a light cruiser, and the last Jutland veteran of either side still afloat!
  12. not many too name now, but if you're serious about naming the current RN ships, get your hands on the Royal Navy Handbook (only a couple of quid). Gives brief details on future RN vessels too.
    What sort of interview is it? AIB? Pre-joining?
  13. u can cross sultan off the list ! !
  14. If that's the A5 (ish) size book with a brief description of each type of ship and a photo then it's free from AFCOs as well (although slightly out of date).

    With regards interviews, based on mine in the last few days it's more important to be prepared to answer questions about yourself - particularly from your school days.

    Make sure that you have fixed in your mind the reasons why you have taken full-time jobs/ gone on to college.

    It's also very useful to remember the details about initial and trade training (how long, where etc.).
  15. Hardship (22years of it o/c yer interview)
    Citizenship (o/c 22 years above)

    geoff(ers) :???:
  16. Censorship, which is what this Govt would like to do if it wasn't for the Freedom of Information Act that Tony introduced!

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