Naming Airports

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by seafarer1939, Jan 18, 2012.

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  1. Sometimes I think we are a bit backward at naming our Airports like the rest of the World seem to favour.
    The Yanks have Kennedy,O'Hare etc.even the Frogs have De Gaulle,we have Heathrow,Gatwick,Newcastle etc.
    I suggest we change Heathrow to Churchill,Gatwick to Wellington,Newcastle to Collingwood,Bristol to the guy who built the Bridge and I'm stuck on Birmingham but maybe Patel! because he makes good sauces.
    When the proposed new London one is built on the Thames it should be named Nelson so the French crap themselves when they land.
    I was going to propose it to be Bomber Harris Airport but maybe that is a step to far.
    Scotland can have Wallace, Bruce, Burns, Krankie Airport[shag anyone you want in the lounge]
    Wales can have Aled Jones as he seems to be everywhere or Sheepshagging International
    Unless,of course, you have better names.
  2. Good name for the proposed/considered airport in the Thames - "Johnson's Folly" ?
    Having one in-between Canvey Island and the SS Richard Montgomery, really can't be considered as anything else - prime target for hijacked aircraft a la 9-11 !
    But then, thoughtful consideration by any pollies is rather a long lost trait these days isn't it ?
  3. Naming airports after people is a nasty foreign habit that should be discouraged. If Liverpool raises somone more famous and important than John Lenon (there's a challenge), they're going to be buggered. As for Doncaster, formerly Finningly; who in God's name came up with Robin Hood. They certainly can't have looked at the landing fees.

    We'll be having roadside shrines next!
  4. I would not get on a plane at an airport called Lockerbie or Amy Jonhson.

    I have trouble at Liverpool wondering if the wheels are still on the plane and if so are scousers capable of launching anything more complicated than a football into the air.:laughing2:
  5. Before boundary changes, in the days of RAF Finningley, half the runway was in Yorkshire the other half in Nottm....
  6. They could have called it Notyork.
    The town I live in Was at one time in Warwickshire. Then it was for a few years split right down the centre to sit in Warwickshire and Staffordshire. Now it is entirely in Staffordshire.
    I'll let you know when it reaches fuckin Yorkshire.:laughing2:
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  7. George Best international. Only in Belfast would they name an airport after an alcoholic wife beater..:eye::drunken:
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  8. Why not just use any old word instead of some dead gits name?

    "PUBIC" sounds rather nice, especially when broadcast over the public address system.

    "Welcome to Pubic Airport......there is no parking in the Brown Zone."
  9. nothing wrong with parking in the brown zone, short haul only though.
  10. Wonder what they call the ones that Buddy Holly,Rocky Marciano,Audie Murphy and John Denver[Oh!I forgot Denver didn't remember to put fuel in his plane!] flew from!
  11. A lot of folk wanted 'Kevin Keegan International'...... but he's not dead yet ! :slow:

    Edited to add..............even if his career is !

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