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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by thingy, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. I didn't see POME Granite in there
  2. I don't see anything droll about this thread; my real name is Wayne Kerr. :evil:
  3. no that would be a beenzontoast at another matelot site!
  4. There is a piece of kit called a Wayne Kerr bridge, I also served with a Mike Hunt (gen dit) but preferred to be called Mickey for some reason!!
  5. I know a local farmer named Gayman. When he was born in those days it was meant to be happy.
  6. I knew a baby Tiff on Fearless by that name back in the 80s. Can there be more than one???? 8O
  7. A.W.Anchor :oops:
  8. I once knew a bloke called Gerald Dean !!!
  9. The local Catholic priest when I was growing up was Father Chris Moss...
  10. Joe, do you remember CY Yeo, think his first name was Bob. Yeo Yeo. :)

    I can also remember a WEM who was on the same LRC as myself at Royal Arthur. His name was Phil Enis. His name tally on his no 8's was a cracker.
  11. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I knew a Dave Ives who as a result of his name tape was universally known as "Muff".
  12. I knew 2 guys at school called Andrew and Peter - nothing remarkable about that, but their surname was Ness so when the teacher called out the register it was "A.Ness" and "P.Ness".

    Their parents must have hated them!
  13. I relieved, (carefull), a Mike Hunt on 845 NAS years ago. He was very touchy about his name!
  14. Once knew a bloke called Roger Shitz, and he was so embarrassed by his name that he changed it to Michael......
  15. Many years ago, there was a Naval Stores clerk in Ensleigh called Theresa Green.
  16. Back in the early 80s I remember a Wren Trappit that was assigned to the Reg office onboard HMS Kent. I mean, you couldn't make that name up. I believe quite a few of the ships company did trap it too...... :lol:

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