Names not to give your children.


Lantern Swinger
Nowadays, parents call their kids by all sorts of weird names but here are some strange & stupid names of people that I've met over the years :-

Warren Organ.

Richard (Dick) Head.

Mike Hunt.

Anita Bush.

Maurice Dance.

Some others that I've heard of but can't verify are :-

Wayne Carr.

Robin Bastard.

Hugh Janus.

Eric Hunt.

Has anyone heard of or met any other stupidly named people ?
I had a patient with the surname Tickle who named her newborn son Charlie. Either going to grow up to be a clown or an addict, I reckon.

Also, Roomi Butt. And boy, was it roomi.
I used to work with an RAF bloke who called his son Adam Nathan Lloyd.

It had to be pointed out to him why his son might get the p1ss taken out of him.
Whent to collect a patient for theatres yesterday by the name of Roy Rodgers , I couldnt resist asking if he'd brought Trigger with him , he had heard that all his life , he is just the right age to have been named after him as well . :thumright:
Topstop said:
My father had a distant cousin he tried to trace 10 years ago.

There were 56 IVOR STORYs in the UK.
Just pop your name into yahoo and see how many pop up with your name.

Better still go buy a house see how many bankrupts are about carrying your name.

I knew a tiffy apprentice on Fearless who was called Wayne Kerr....either his parents had a great sense of humour or they didnt care.....

Probably the old fella wishing he had a five finger shuffle instead.
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