Name tapes (No. 4 shirt)

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by James_B, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. Before I order a batch of name tapes, should the format be

    OTHER A.
    OTHER A.N.

    (the first?)

    Also who officially makes them? I've seen many of the Cadet Direct type at £14.50 + £4 p&p (since when did it cost FOUR of your English to post those?)

    I've found
    these via Google - do they look any good?

    Any other known suppliers?

    Many thanks.
  2. When i was in it was

    Brown. A.

    Yes it was a real person and his nickname was "'atter"!
  3. They give you a wooden stamp with your name on it and a spitkid with a bit of felt in the bottom and black paint on it. Eventually you get the hang of it and you do a good one and sew it on your shirt. BTW its No.8s - surprised they didn't tell you that :)
  4. Not for about 5 or 6 years now.....
  5. did they?All i got was some wood and a pussers dirk and told to carve mine!
  6. Andy, you showing your age now. :money:
  7. LOL
    i had 2 types,one with me name on and then one with Knut on!
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You had it easy, I'm still waiting for the tree to grow from the seed they gave me.

    James B. I'm pretty sure that you have to use your own name :whew:
  9. Pussers name stamp, circa '66.

  10. masking tape, tippex, black marker...............

  11. So you was called A.B.Bumfluff then?LOL
  12. That took a good bit of deciphering, andy, you ever work for the KGB?lmao.
  13. Name tapes were always Christian name initials first followed by surname in full, but what the fcuk do i know only served fro 56 to 79.
  14. Tailor lee in Queen street pompey does ours, A Nother format

    the more you do the cheaper it gets and be prepared for quizzing on what ship you are one.
  15. I suppose you could be classed as an "Old Salt" then, higs.
    :worship: :worship:
  16. Pretty certain they don't issue the wooden name blocks anymore. Still got mine.

  17. You're right. gods, time flies.

    think I might be due my GOM PJT sometime soon.... :D
  18. I'm losing it.

    If 8's are 4's and 2's look like 1's and half blues have NO blue in them at all, what would you get for 9's?
  19. Well mine are in the format "DUNKERS D." so it looks like you can have whatever you like :confused:
  20. Mine are embroidered "B.Lamri" but as "Dunkers.D" says, you can pretty much have them any way around. :)

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