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War Hero
What celebs/stars/personalities and such-like have you met,
or crossed paths with?
These "Famous Names" (in no particular order) are some that
I have met up with along the way.
Got wellied with Tommy Cooper when him and his missus where
on holiday in Gib. She left him in the Coach and Horses and went
back to the hotel. He stayed and ended up kipping on half-a-dozen
bar stools. Stood on Diana Riggs foot in the Food Hall of Harrods
once. Got a lift back to my flat from Leicester Square in the back
of Led Zeps Rolls Royce when uttterly ming-monged - they thought
it was highly amusing. Cynthia Paynes famous knocking shop was
four doors away from the flat I was living in at the time. Had a few
bevvies with Mr. Burt Lancaster in Union Square, San Francisco.
Got a photograph of Alvin Stardust having a slash on HMS COURAGEOUS
in the J/R's Heads when I invited him down after the Neptune Club
Christmas Bash once.
And on a lighter note:
Whilst riding me moped in Corfu when visiting the place on either
OPOSSUM or SEALION - got smashed off the thing by a British tourist
who had forgotten they drive on 'tuther side of the road. The driver
of said motor vehicle was the wife of the Angling Correspondent for
*The Sun* newspaper......I mean - you just can't get any more famous
than that can you? 2 x broken legs, 1 x broken arm, 1 x broken wrist
+ multiple cuts, bruises and contusions and a free 1st Class flight home
to Heathrow where a pussers ambulance ferried me to RNH HASLAR.
Oh and Mrs sorry I almost bled to death on your fur coat
that night.


War Hero
Hey Billy
Did you meet Tomy Cooper in Gib in 1976?
Thats when I met him and we got pissed together in Irish Town Fisheries. great bloke loved his pop.
I was on Ark Royal at the time
Me and a few mess mates got well oiled with Michael Caine on Paradise Island, he was filming Jaws the Revenge (don't laugh). He was so sozzled that they lost a days filming......
Haven't really been up close with many celebs. I was standing behind Jack Black in an ice cream shop in Wellington a few years back when he was filming King Kong.

Also used to regularly see Jonah Lomu at the gym of a morning.


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Met Michael Hutchence in a bar in Sydney some time in 1997; we were gonna go to a club afterwards but weren't suitably dressed, so we went to change into some smarter 'trapping threads' and arranged to meet up an hour later.

Thing is, like a typical 'celebrity' he borrowed my belt and I never saw the fecker again - theiving gypsy bastard... :roll:

Like when I lent Terry Waite £10. Did he pay me back? Tight twat... :?


War Hero
Hms Hermes 67/68 the stokers went up to the Groote Schur hospital in Cape Town and bought Christian Barnard back on board to their mess/ the skipper wanted him to visit the wardroom instead!! also the Danae commission the lads had Ronnie Biggs on board in Rio/ the skipper went ape/ so the lads had the tee shirts made up "good on her in it Ronnie Biggs said so"


once scrounged a ham sandwich off phil reads mother at the tt about 1965 , I was a ravenous teenager , she was a very nervous mum ! oh and I visited my lad lad week , hes not that famous but he did sit in makeup and share a song with kylie minogue last year whilst filming the dr who christmas special !


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general_jumbo. said:
...I visited my lad lad week , hes not that famous but he did sit in makeup and share a song with kylie minogue last year whilst filming the dr who christmas special !
Hmm, just a touch up was it?! 8O :wink:

Met Vince Hill when working in a hotel,also all of DIO if anybody remembers them.

Vince Hill was a gent,call me Vince not Mr Hill. I owe everything I have from the public,no side to him at all.

Had Rachel Welch once,or was that a dream?


Lantern Swinger
Met Cynthia Payne on the Pompey - London train - she was going to an election meeting with David (Screaming Lord) Such. Had a great trip back with her and her "female" companion who was so obviously a man in a dress.

HMS Presdent (RNR) was a good place to meet the celebs. Robin Knox-Jhonsonte was one of our List 1 officers and came around a lot, we also had a lot of good speakers at dinners - Chay Blyth was one that stands out.

Have met more politicians than you want to know about but Enoch Powel stands out as the most outstanding, genuine, and best politician (as he was honest) guy I have had the pleasure to meet/work with.



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My mate worked on the Fred West investigation. When they first brought him in, they asked how many bodies where in his house, and he replied: "Two". But when they did a search of the premises the Police recovered thirteen bodies, so during a later interview they asked Fred why he had lied to them, and he explained: "Well I'm a builder - you know what our estimates are like!"



War Hero
Was in vited to a dinner of a Lady called Lady Sassoon ( wife of the only man who won 4 Cheltenham gold cups Sir Victor Sasoon)) in the Bahamas, she insisted we where returned to the Bristol in her Silver Ghost then transported to the Casino having panicked the QM into calling the Captain 6 pissed matelots alighted got changed and offerred several members of the Wardroom a lift which was declined( they thought we where talking shit) on arrival at the Casino the Wardroom minibus was redircted to the tradesmans entrance whilst the same pissed matelots alighted from our silver Ghost,


I had a beer with benny from crossroads in Diamond lils
and beer with phil mitchell in falmouth chainlocker I think


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Blackcat this!!!

I saw Jesus one night,well either that or it was a tramp,i was suitably refreshed at the time!


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andym said:
Blackcat this!!!

I saw Jesus one night,well either that or it was a tramp,i was suitably refreshed at the time!
I AM Jesus. :wink:

And when I get my Jossman's, you can call me "God"... :thumright:

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