Some very normal men would fantasise over a naked Nurse.

One of the descriptions of stores held just along the road in DSDC Llangennech is "awkward".


He said: "My client is very embarrassed by all this and is full of regret. She had got wet in the rain and took her clothes off. Her husband was supposed to go into the house and bring some out for her, but in the meantime an argument followed, which got completely out of hand."

Har!! :lol: Wet in the rain my arrrse. I bet they were into a bit of dogging and he 'slipped' it into the wrong 'ole! :shock: :oops: Most women I know would go ape shit if that happened!!

:razz: :lol:

Good article, made me larf!!
Bullied her hubby before eh? Odd that, had the attack been the other way round the husband would have probably got a custodial sentence and been placed upon the sex offenders register for exposing himself.

PS: I'm glad there was no piccy - I don't think I could have coped with the shock!
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