Naked people.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. Ever done one? (Zulu Warriors are acceptable)


    Me? Errr yes - In the buffet carriage on some Inter-City choo-choo
    between Edinburgh and Doncaster when completely poo-faced. Ran
    the full length of the chucked off it in York.
  2. Could barely contain myself from LOL , must have a streak of something . I like the female golf course streakers with the chance of a hole in one.
  3. Loved that, still picking myself up off the floor from the football one - great stuff.

    It should be legal for women to streak.
  4. Me and some shipmates were invited to the ceremony of the keys at the tower of London, we had to go to the mess there for drinks and had to wear jackets etc. During the ceremony everyone was told that etiquette was to be observed. We didn't exactly streak but we did all stand their with our cocks hanging out of our trousers. I also mooned a delegation of VIP's in Guzz dockyard out the back of a land rover and mooned Prince Andrew from a rigid raider as he was sailing his minesweeper out of Guzz.
  5. Ahhh - what a bastard.
  6. In Catalunya it is perfectly legal to walk about naked, and on your own property throughout Spain, even if in view of others.
    Only trouble is that the only people I have seen so far, well, were not exactly out of the top drawer so to speak.
  7. Dragged kicking and screaming no doubt :wink:
  8. Why does that not surprise me Ling??
  9. Everybody has done naked press-ups in a nightclub somewhere. Not everybody remembers or admits it.
  10. .Remember it well Billy........cold day aswell :dwarf:
  11. The Army vs Navy rugby game of about 5 years ago still holds the world record for the most amount of streakers at a single event :w00t:
  12. Well seeing as you asked, done the Zulu Warrior in Hole in the Wall Gib and have been known to get me kit off in Lils for a pint or two. Oh those were the days. Don't tell the missus though or she'll go bonkers.
  13. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I got plasi cufffed naked to a lamp post on my stag night....cheers lads....

    All the booties on fearless were watching Zulu one day in sevastapol harbour...naked except for pith walks the Ships Captain with a clutch of admirals and generals who had come over for a peek at the black sea fleet....his face was a picture as we all jumped to our feet....he should have knocked like everyone else.. :dwarf:

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