Naked Booties in a bar

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 5dits, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. Naked Booties

    I like the comment by the "MOD Spokesman" that is was out of character!
  2. I see the Scum has an 'exclusive' today that was widely reported last week by other papers ....

  3. Can't stand that newspaper, biggest load of tosh i've ever seen. They'd have a front page spread on Harry burning his toast if they had half the chance.
  4. Contributor mode

    It was only out of character as they failed to wrestle.
  5. Daily Mail

    Another "quality" daily paper, with pics this time.
  6. lol naked bootnecks never.
  7. So what's new? =)
  8. I thought that was normal behaviour for booties! ;) Carry on guys!

    Anyone got a better pic with more details! ;) :biggrin:

    Actually were they to do that sort of thing in the snow no one would have been the wiser - their mistake was to do it in a bar!

    PS: Can you give me 6 months warning of the next exhibition by Royals and I'll pay the bar a visit.... complete with SLR camera! :) :) :)
  9. Nice one Royal lol
  10. Can't imagine The Royals like being refered to as 'soldiers'. The gutter press NEVER seem to be able to get even the most basic facts right. As for a Norgie refering to 'their bits' yeah right!
    Fcuckin comic! They can't give it away!!!!
  11. Whitehaven Court News early 80s I was referred to as Private rather than Marine. Pissed me off more than the fine. (Drunk and Incapable-No nudity-guilty as charged Me Lud)
  12. Hold on, just read both articles (Well 1 Sun and 1 Daily Wail) the Sun piece says their Royals, the Wail piece claims they're Royal Engineers from 59 Independent Commando Squadron RE.
    The location and number of men involved is the same. the Wail gets my vote as the Suns effort has no photos and is only a couple of paragraphs. The Wail one is in full OMG this is the end of the World as we know it mode, so is good for a laugh as well on that basis.
  13. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    "Out of Character"........... :rofl:
  14. I recognise one of the faces! not royals!
  15. Tame very very tame!!!

    Whatever happened to the flaming ass holes or is than now banned under smoking indoors??
  16. I am based with 59 cdo and havent heard anything to sugest that it was them involved.
    Sure if they had been in the paper it woudnt have been kept quiet on camp.
  17. I mentioned this story to the girls in work, thinking that they would find it amusing. All but one (she had dated a bootie in her single days) were absolutely horrified that (a) men would get naked in a bar and (b) my colleague and I would find this kind of behaviour amusing and socially acceptable.

    It got me wondering, am I now a better or worse person because I spent my youth in the clubs and pubs of Plymouth being exposed to men who thought nothing of getting naked or dressing up as Rolf Harris or Mel Gibson from Braveheart and allowing strange women to write their telephone numbers on their inner thighs? Am I scarred for life? Should I go into therapy to try to become like normal women who find this behaviour abhorent?!
  18. No love you just haven't been through life with blinkers on..
  19. No worse than a few sunday lunchtimes in the Plume of Feathers at Princetown way back when!
  20. For normal, read dull...

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