Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by whitemouse, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. Read in the Metro this morning, whilst running the scourge of the Victoria line, that there is a 'Uniformed' branch of the Naafi called EMI/EFI ??

    Does anyone know how long has there been such an animal ?

    All I recall is that the Canmen wore civvies and were usually in the FA party - are they now armed ........ ?? :shock:
  2. Our Canman wears civvies but the CanAss wears garden gates.
    Neither go anywhere near a boomstick though!
  3. These people are normal NAAFI employees sent to Operational areas to run NAAFIs (such as Iraq and Afghanistan), they are given nominal military ranks and are paid the appropriate military wage for the time that they are deployed. They also come under the relevant Discipline Act for that time. This also happens onboard ships if necessary (Gulf Wars/Falklands etc.), where the CanMan is a Chief and the CanAss is a Killick.

    My Brother-in-Law was a NAAFI employee and was in the Gulf in 91 supporting the troops - he was paid as a Lance Corporal or Corporal (not sure which) and wore that rank for the time that he was there.
  4. ooooo you don't read the metro mate do you ????? Nooooooooo!!!!!! :thumright:
  5. Strange that.
    We had a Canman and he was paid as a Canman, he wore the NAAFI epaulettes ;)
  6. Fat speccy bloke is right. On land ops the EFI (Expeditionary Forces Institute?) personell wear rig and have a nominal rank. Fortunately the most lethal weapon they are likely to carry is an out of date sausage roll.
  7. Not really.
    Not ALL operational areas are on land, as you should know.
  8. It's not as bad as the two evening freebies, Daily Mail without the intellectual debate ;)
  9. But the ones who do work on land ops work for EFI, wear rig etc etc. Do you really think I'd make any of this up! :dwarf:
  10. I'm not saying you are :)
    I'm just saying its not that cut and dried.
  11. Loads of EFI staff out in Kandahar, bit like the UK really as most of them a eastern european!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. :oops: 'Fraid so, the only way I can ignore the state of the Viccie Line, and its continued excuses for non-running (if you can translate half of what the drivers mumbles.. !!)
  13. Shurely shome mishtake. Bill Deedes (RIP) :thumright:

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