Okay so I am joining as a naval airman se in April, my girlfriends sister is a naval nurse and has told me a few bad things concerning promotion in this trade, scare stories? What the deal?


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The deal is that it's unusual for a Naval Nurse to offer qualified careers advice regarding NA(SE) promotional prospects, unless the said Nurse has mates who are NA(SE)'s or serves on an air-station and has contact with that particular trade as opposed to the potentially jaded views of a "passed-over" individual that has limited prospect of promotion.

Likewise there are comparatively few NA(SE)'s that could advise on promotional prospects of Naval Nurses unless the reverse applies.

The best person to advise is probably several serving NA(SE)'s or if you cannot find one- ask your Careers Adviser if they can find out for you.
Fair one, I do understand, I have mentioned it to my careers advisor he was unsure, (he is RM, as opposed to RN) but after enquiring with one of the RN advisors he confirmed by saying promotion later on was reffered to as "dead mens shoes"...


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Have to confess that if a candidate asked me the same question, the only way of finding out would be to ring the branch manager. Those of us with limited day-to-day contact with the Fleet Air Arm, particularly the smaller/lesser known trades, would have to ask the branch experts.

To this end, I'll move this over to the FAA forum in the hope that there's a current individual able to confirm or scotch the story so far.


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I was fortunate to have NA (SE's) servicing my kit and doing all the survo drills for years and yes promotion is slow, great bunch of people though.
My son left the SE branch after 7 years due to the promotion prospects.

But it can't be that bad as he has re-applied to join again! :wink:


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How spooky is that?

Just realised there is an LA(SE) & an NA(SE) working in the same very AFCO.

They advise that promotion is indeed quite slow in relation to some trades - the average being AB to Leading Hand about 5 years & LH to PO around 10.

Word is on the street (unofficially) that there have been several recent promotions below this timescale. The overiding fact is that it's a small branch.
Promotion has picked up in the branch and this is down to select train promote.(STP) There are a few older Leading hands who should've been promoted but with STP. Its passed them by. Needles to say they do deserve to be promoted. Unfortunately you're only as good as the person who's doing your write ups !!! :?
I'm an SE working in an AFCO so I know the score: Promotion in the SE branch is slooooooooooooooow. Even slower if you go out of branch to work in an AFCO for 18 months!
tomleecee said:
I'm an SE working in an AFCO so I know the score: Promotion in the SE branch is slooooooooooooooow. Even slower if you go out of branch to work in an AFCO for 18 months!
Maybe you could Modify some of the old shiney arsed recruiters seats. To a Martin Baker style,!!! and rest their cups on the Black/yellow :lol: :lol: :lol:


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Im an ex-chockhead (Aircraft Handler). In my day Phot Met SE and Handlers all did airmanship together then went on to ther own various specialist training. Made some good SE mates in my time.
So Go to "Safety Equipment Survival Association" on the web they will be able to give you the inside story maybe.

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