N. News: Barry Goes From Albert Square To The Parade Ground


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Re: N. News: Barry Goes From Albert Square To The Parade Gro

WTF is Barry? What is Eastenders?

Quite a lot happened in the intervening 26 years...
Looks as if he's had a pie or two in the 26 years since he went outside. Fitting right back in then.

Shaun’s career with the WAFUs was cut short when it was discovered he was colour blind.
I assume it never started. His colour perception would be known before he joined up.

He changed branches to become a writer (hence the 21st Century Logs(Pers) badge, the modern-day equivalent), but decided it wasn’t the life for him and left the Service.

During filming, the actor spoke fondly of his year in the Senior Service – and found slipping back into some of the routines and disciplines remarkably easy.

So he did a whole year and jacked.

I've every sympathy for those invalided out early in service and those for whom some compassionate imperative requires an early return to Civvy St. But if you decide it's not for you after a mere year, don't come back all starry eyed 26 years later giving it some 'get the wets in shippers'.

But once Navy, always Navy...
Not always.

Is this the RN trying to get exposure by hitching its PR wagon to a never was or the other way around? Perhaps a bit of both. Very very lame. Doesn't exactly fit with the last 2SL's call for 'more grit'.


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Re: N. News: Barry Goes From Albert Square To The Parade Gro

Ah, it was only a light-hearted tale... And I take my hat off to him for taking the p out of himself on Extras.

Apparently he didn't fancy doing the assault course though... :lol:

Mind you there are some really precious media luvvies I've come across down the years. I know it's hard to believe. :D
Fcuk me it's true then!?

I spent about three years giving shit to my sea dad who was convinced that he joined up with the fat bastard.

Sorry shippers, I take it back, you aren't a lying delusional cnut.

I still reckon it's bollox that you banged Davina McCall though. ;)

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