Myth or reality ?


An oppo of an oppo who was drafted to HMS Victory showing tourists around was said to have give his girlfriend one on Nelson's cot. A hanging offence if ever there was one !
But the one I want verified is "The QE Turd".
Suffice to say it involved the RY Britannia, plumbing diagrams, freeze drying, and a can of gold spraypaint.
Can anyone shed any light on the truthfulness of this legend ?
Any other dits of this nature would be welcome also.


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I wouldn't swear to this in court, but a Royal Turd one was a probability.....
Faslane, 1972, Princess Anne visited the Base on the Royal Train. The said train parked up overnight on the sidings at the back of the base. "Allegedly" a raiding party snuck under the train and extracted a brown log from the sewage tank of the appropriate carriage, took it away and either painted it gold or wrapped it in foil. I didn't see it, so decide for yourself - all I'm saying is that it was perfectly possible.


Has to be myth because Us Air force types have a similar story which involved a similar piece of "body matter" this time from the Queens flight BAE 146 and this time it was from Princess Margret.


not saying who but this shipmate had a call round on the yacht in pompy and saw the "trophy cabinet" in there where stuff of lengend. anybody who served on the yacht knows about this but no-one ever speaks. nuff said where it is all now is anybodys guess.


yeh Id heard that also. actually had a call round the yatch once and think i remember seeing said cabinet just outside the jr's rec space

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