Myth or not ?

Was sidetracked when I googled for something and this was amongst them:

For sailors, it was lucky:

to smash a bottle against the boat just before sailing
Not if it was still full of spirit.
for sailors to have tattoos
Not if it was on your bell end.
to throw an old pair of shoes overboard just after launch
Especially if it was someone elses.
to have a black cat on board
They caught more rats for the Sunday lunch.
for a child to be born on the ship
Even luckier for someone if it was conceived onboard.
for sailors to wear gold hoop earrings
Somewhere to hang your socks after dhobeying them.
to touch the collar of a sailor
Not if it was a stokers and thick with dandruff.
to step aboard using the right foot first
Fcuked then if you were on crutches.

For sailors, it was unlucky:

to name the boat with a word ending in "a"
Glad I was never on Britannia.
to have the bottle not break when used in the launch ceremony
Not so sure of that one especially if it was on a lanyard and you got it back still full.
to change the name of a boat
All the crew got lost after a run ashore.
to sail on a green boat
Don't join Greenpiece then folks.
to sail on a Friday
Couldn't spend your pay.(Ok I know it was Thursdays).
to see rats leaving a ship
Even they were afraid of the new Bosun.
to have someone die on the ship
Only if the only spare bunk was above yours.
to whistle on board a ship
Bosun knew you were awake and had you turn too.
to cross an area where another ship once sunk
All the crew jumped overboard to collect the pieces of eight.
to lose a bucket at sea
This really was unlucky, the Bosun would send you after it.
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