Mystery wings

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Feb 23, 2013.

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  1. image.jpg Can anyone I'D these wings with what looks like no insert!!! Possibly a commonwealth FAA pilot Subby in the RNVR air branch???
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  2. When I joined up in the very early sixties, the anchor device in the middle of the wings on FAA pilots jackets, was a separate little silver anchor. They were sometimes missing as they were easily plucked or torn off. So I would suspect that is what has happened here.
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  3. AKA a FOD hazard
  4. What's the mystery? They're normal 'pusser's pilots wings and the little silver anchor has fallen out. It could happen to observer's and rating aircrew wings, as I can personally testify. There is an 'A' for 'Aviation' in the middle of his square RNVR 'Executive Curl' which was discontinued around 1957. A loop of discreetly sewn white cotton usually kept the anchor in place.
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  5. Incidentally, the RNAS wings are based on a German 'Eagle' Brooch design: See 'Sailor in the Air' by VAdml Richard Bell-Davies. VC.
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  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    It look like he's standing beside a spitfire, what's the story to the picture scouse?
  7. Many thanks Sardeeps and crash crew .....I'm of to my bookcase to get out Sailor in the Air:study::nike:
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  8. image.jpg
    not sure about the photo it was from a guy from another forum who was bemused, and I couldn't help him out, until Sardeeps/crash crew solved the mystery. Ps he also put this photo up as well, with same wings ..
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  9. Think I should have said something like "They're P2 wings and P1 wings were only awarded after 500 hours and an instrument rating qualification" or something equally as daft. That would have been worth a week's correspondence! Don't laugh, the Marineflieger had, or still have a system like that, with a copper, silver and eventually gold laurel wreath in their pilot's wings.

    Can't lay hand on my copy of 'Sailor in the Air' it's at Barnstaple in storage I think. As I recall, the RNAS 'Wings' design was discussed early in the book, pre-WW1. Paymaster (I think, i.e. 'Pusser') Captain Murray Sueter, who was a leading light in the development of the RNAS and Naval Aviation, although he never qualified as a pilot himself and his wife went on holiday to Germany. A pilot's badge, against the inclinations of many, who were against being 'forced' to wear a branch badge, after all, no other officers in the RN were required to wear 'trade' badges! Was under discussion. Captain Sueter had bought Mrs S an attractive 'Eagle' style brooch when they were in Berlin and it caught the eye of (the then) Lt/LtCdr Bell-Davies, who suggested it as a prototype for an RNAS badge and the rest is history! (Again, I think; open to correction, it's years since I read the book).
  10. Spitfire? Probably Seafire Blobby?
  11. All pilots wore the RNAS Eagle badge over the curl of their left sleeve lace. Flight and squadron commanders were denoted by stars over the lace and wing. Commanders by three stripes in their sleeve lacing . Quote from RBD
  12. If he was sea going at the time maybe, the FAA had 2 complete squadrons taking part in the Battle of Britain plus other pilots seconded to crab squadrons so could be a Spit or Hurricane.
  13. Further to my last and using the power of google, that is a Spitfire he's stood by, Hurricanes didn't have the drop down bit to get into the cockpit.

    Worried I'm getting a touch of the ghey and becoming a crab spotter now =(
  14. May even make you an Honoury Woo!!!! =D
  15. That's not as bad as a crab, my eldest boy was a Woo but we don't talk about it :error:
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  16. I questioned some old Crabfat that came around to my office collecting for the wings/ Battle of Britain or (not sure which one it was) how much they pay out to the battle of Britain FAA personnel every year, he said none as this money goes to the RAF only as the navy look after their own.

    Strangely he had no money on him when I produced an RNA collection box out of my drawer!!

    Old/Young/serving/retired they are all cnuts!!!
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