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Mystery of 200-year-old British soldier found in the dunes of Holland


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Now, if he were a matelot or a Royal, he would've had his name painted inside the collar of his number one uniform. Problem solved.

Percy probably couldn't write his name in those days.


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His name was Naffi Van driver and cos he didn't finish his dump in the dunes hundreds of British Tommies went without standeasy:rabbit:


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They are indeed called shakos and would have been worn at the time in question by the 2nd Regiment of foot. Pictured is an Officers one.

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Is this to do with Texel and Den Helder? My many greats uncle William Burridge was born in 1776. In August 1799 he, as a Captain in HM 69th Foot, along with his brother Francis George Burridge, was among the Anglo-Russian forces sent to the West Frisian island of Texel. The force had taken seventeen seasick days to cross the North Sea - making various captures of enemy merchantmen on the way - and made an opposed landing on 27th. The fight lasted all day; a shell missed William’s head by six inches and a musket ball took the binding off his hat. After a particularly arduous campaign, with no cover at night and inadequate rations, he was killed in the assault on the nearby mainland town of Den Helder in October. Francis George, of HM 17th Foot, survived the campaign and eventually settled at Hawkhurst in Kent.

Some background to it here: Vlieter Incident - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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