Mystery Item

I'll post a picture and reformat later, due to limitations with DII, but I was hoping that I might be able to get a bit of help in identifying an item, which I already know to be a crumb catcher used by Stewards. It was bought for my father as a curiosity present by me from a military specialist based in Canada. In traditional matelot fashion, I also managed to get hold of one of the directional signs for HMS Dolphin from the former RNH Hasler site. However, back to the point: The item, as described, is a crumb catcher and is similar in size to a small frying pan, but with a closing lid. The item was described as silver, but is known to definitely be silver solder due to the discoloration. Polished up, it looked really good and enabled much better identification. There are a pair of old-style dolphins on the lid with the descriptor "HMS Dolphin Officers Mess". This is a bit of an oddity, as we all know Officers live in wardrooms, so date-wise I believe this could have been dated from around when HMS Dolphin originally came into being. Amazingly, it still looks to actually have retained the original screw-in handle, which would allow the lid to be dipped without destroying the wood itself. There is also a silvermark, which I can make out as JLS, but a cursory search hasn't actually dug up much in relation to the company, which does lead me to believe that the item is very old. It would be nice if we could identify it's age and where it actually comes from, but I will be posting pictures as soon as I can take a couple of better ones.

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