My tanning shop offering deal for service wives and girls

Discussion in 'Hobbies & The Great Indoors' started by Jenbo, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. Hello folks, as a re-launch for Sunsations tanning we're offering up to £15.00 free worth of bingo and other games by visiting our site. It's open for a limited time so please spread the word to the service girls or boys and wives and partners, come and take a look. Open to service personnel spouses and partners only.

    Try a new hobby now and help promote our tanning business, in return take a look at the rewards.
  2. Are you naked when you offer these services?
  3. And are the personal services classed as a "Reward"?

    Only asking.
  4. You really don't understand the science behind UV implication upon cells within the body, how it can be harnessed for all kinds of benefits. Just like how you sound, one beer a day can be great for you, however throw down two crates and your wife will not be happy with the brewers droop, liver chronics, withdrawal, hyperglandicema, blood poisoning and brain damage to name a few.

    We do not promote over excessive behaviour and our shop runs a one time per week policy unlike others, our major business is health and beauty. So please spread the word, we can't afford advertising so we've teamed up with online resources, in exchange for anyone accepting the free bingo £15.00 we'll get some advertisement space and move higher up on google. Just trying to do something for everyone.

    So if you know anyone who would like to throw a free £15.00 on a roulette wheel or play numerous games of bingo for free. then send them here, service connections only please.

    Jenbo xx
  5. Re: My tanning shop offering deal for service wives and girl

    Ultra violet B rays (the ones that tan the skin) promote the synthesis of Vitamin D, which is vital for health. Research shows that in the winter a large proportion of the population of the UK is vitamin D deficient and more open to infections. A healthy amouht of vitamin D helps prevent many types of cancer. There is even a new theory that well regulated exposure to sunshine prevents melanoma. Well run tanning salons would benefit many people.
    Edited to add: if there was a good tanning salon near me I would use it.

  6. Well?
  7. Considering you have made no other contribution to this site other than to advertise your business, I don't suppose you paid the owners of this site for said advertisement? If it was down to me I would treat this thread as :spam1: and delete accordingly.
  8. Re: My tanning shop offering deal for service wives and girl

    Do I get midships with lips shake if I fall alseep?
  9. S P A M
  10. Re: My tanning shop offering deal for service wives and girl

    As I read the advice from Cancer Research UK it simply means that sunbeds are, well, like the sun. As with the sun, too much time under a sunbed is harmful. A well run tanning salon would not allow over-exposure. Back in the 1930s there were UV clinics in large cities which gave children artificial UV to prevent rickets, because the sun was blocked out by atmospheric pollution. The sort of frightening advice given by Cancer Research UK is leading people to fear the sun and to keep covered up in case they get shrivelled up by the big bad light in the sky. Did you ever wonder why there is such an increase in childhood conditions such as asthma and autism? Vitamin D deficiency is the answer. And just what is an "increase of more than a half"? It's a meaningless statistic meant to frighten the un-initiated. Is it 50%? That would mean an increase of 50 every 100! That is nonsensical. They should give the actual figures and quote their source instead of dumbing down. If you want a reputable source of information about sunshine and vitamin D, Google "Vitamin D Council" and have a good read.
    All this aside, I agree that this forum should not be used for advertising purposes, especially by posters who we have never heard of and who do not appear to have links with the Senior Service.
  11. Re: My tanning shop offering deal for service wives and girl

    Especially as they won't answer questions about available extras.
  12. Re: My tanning shop offering deal for service wives and girl

    My husband is away for most of year now, i'm alone and i'm upset most of the time, i come on here to try and help other wives and guys like you come at me with slander jokes and accusations of spam. My husband is well respected Chief Petty Officer within the Submarine service and for your efforts. I hope he never gets to meet any of you.

    Jenbo xx

    Is upset about how we've been accused of SPAM

    Please send me your girls, it's free remember

    I am not spamming, i just need some advertisement help for my shop, traffic comes and it helps us, we have nothing, why do you have to be evil towards me.

    Midship shakes with lips, my husband would be disgusted about how i've been made a mockery online.


    Leave me alone unless you want to help me
  13. Re: My tanning shop offering deal for service wives and girl


    Have you considered asking about advertising the salon on Rear Party? It's the third site in the Rum Ration/Arrse/Rear Party trio and is aimed at partners and families of those serving. Most, although not all, of the posters on there are women.

    Take a quick look, you might find that it is just right for you:
  14. Re: My tanning shop offering deal for service wives and girl

    More to the point, I think your husband would be mortified that you've appeared on here to be ripped up!
    :oops: :D
  15. Ok guys, everyone has had a bit of a laugh at Jenbo's expense but lets leave her be now. As she said she is just trying to give her business a bit of a boost so perhaps we should just congratulate her for using a bit of initiative?

    BTW - I'm no fan of sunbeds either but I guess some people like them ......

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