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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by blackbetty, May 9, 2010.

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  1. Hi all, well wher to start...Summer last year I left school, After I left I decided to join the army (I await incoming lol !). I got through all the tests etc etc and got my date for basic training. got to about week 6 of training and I sufferd a back injury during battle PT... So I decided to DAOR.
    Now with a few weeks into civvie life, its SHI T !!! I cant stand it here, everything and everybody dose my head in. I have decided to (try) and get back into the forces only this time the royal navy. I have asked for a phone call back on the webiste and no doubt be asked to go into the AFCO to speak to an advisor. I have a basic idea of what job I would possibly want to do ( if i get back in that is) . I've chosen weapons engineer, I know that you will be working with the ships weapons ofcourse, but is there any more things that this role will enable you to do ??

    Thanks guys
  2. Hey, cannot help with information about that role, but if you phone the number they will book you in for a Careers Presentation at your nearest Careers Office and also send you out some information with a bit about the roles available. I found this really helpful as I had no idea what to go in as! I applied for Student Nurse in the Army, but after volunteering in a hospital decided it wasn't for me; so took some time to figure out what I actually wanted to do! Just out of interest, what did you apply for in the Army? Do you still have trouble with your back now?

    Good luck!
  3. I was in the infantry and was wanting to join the royal regiment of scotland. And no i dont have troublle with it now, just a few niggles here and there but its fine, As for giving them a phone, I will do or i might just go into the AFCO on monday if i have time...
  4. BB

    Do you know where your nearest RN Careers Advisors are?

    By the way, your papers will have to be obtained from Kentigern House, which makes it all take that little bit longer.
  5. The RAF is crying out for young thrusters of your calibre (.177?), hurry along and pester the man in Light Blue at your nearest AFCO.
  6. Why didnt you just stay in surley they would of got you fit again? I mean your still getting paid plus if you needed specialist treatment that would of been free aswell. My friend had to wait for his papers from the army took about 6 months so your in for a wait there matey.
  7. As a WE you won't be just dealing with weapons. Amongst other things you will have all the internal and external communcations equipment, IT equipment, Sonar & Radars to name just 3 of the main areas.
  8. Thanks for that graf, sounds pretty good ! Il look up more on it.
  9. Believe me mate, if I was going to stay in then I would of but it would of meant gettting back trooped sometime into october, cause there was no more intakes till then, and with not alot of qualifications and a very poor maths one, Ive decided to go to college and pick a few up before i try for the royal navy... I do understand that it is going to be a long time before I get to training lol no one els to blame but my self...
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Some would say the main specialist areas may appear to the untrained eye as:

    1. Drinking coffee in the mess between Stand Easy's whilst waiting for a bit of kit to break down.

    2. Phoning a civilian electronic manufacturer to fix said broken down kit.

    Of course, I'd never suggest such a thing.

    Waiting times for ET(WE) are 28 months for general service, 12 months for the submarine service.

    Be ready for "dwelling a pause" of several weeks/months whilst the Army Personnel Centre rummage around for your former service medical records. Quick, they ain't.

    Good luck.
  11. Shhht!!, There are some secrets we don't like the whole world knowing :p
  12. Hmmm, I see your logic.
    Get treatment whilst being paid, build up your fitness in preparation for a return to Training and then continue on to Phase 2 Training and a glorious career in Her Majesties Armed Forces.
    Rap your hand in, then discover that the arshce has dropped out of the civilian job market and realise that you've made a ricket and want back in.
    Perfect plan Einstein, you'll be back in by July or thereabouts.....

    ... 2012.
    Enjoy the wait.

  13. It took about 4 months for mine to get sent on...

    Or rather, after waiting for 3 and a half months I phoned them.
    I spoke to a nice Scottish chap who was very helpful.
    My doc's arrived at the AFCO 2 weeks later...


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