My spectacle prescription

Mine is:

R) -2.75/0.25
L) -3.00/0.25

A bit confused as to what roles this will bar me from.

(sorry if this is covered somewhere on another thread, tried searching for it)


Mine is L3.75/R3.50 and I'm a VA2. That should give you a rough indication - but keep in mind this also takes into account other areas of your eyesight i.e peripheral vision etc...

Speak with your AFCO, I believe you need >=VA2 for warfare branches and >=VA3 for engineering.
Well I talked to my optician and according to him, at worst I am -3.00DS in the right and -3.25DS in the left, so at least it is no greater than -6/+6 any meridian, so I think I'll make VA2 hopefully, cheers for the input though.

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