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My sort of filum.


If the critics say its crap then it's a watchable film!!!

What do they know?

Film critic in my paper will slag off anything like Hurt Locker etc but give five stars to, a Polish film noir with sub titles shot in a cave about a lonely mans relationship with a tin of soup.


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Went to see it last week - was advertised as "for one night only" and it was showing at our local art-house flea pit so to took the opportunity while it was there since I had one of my few nights free and not got someone / thing else demanding my time.

Good film, thoroughly enjoyed it. Definitely getting it on DVD when it comes out.


Just looking through film4 on the box, Thursday, Le quattro volte, 11:00 Italian drama that see the cycle of existence through the lives of an old ailing goat herd, his dog, a young goat and a fir tree. I intend watching this so I would appreciate it if no one spoiled the ending for me.


The tree falls onto the dog while its eating the goat and the goatherd has to give it the kiss of life so they can live happily ever after :).... oh sorry, I thought you said you wanted the ending spoiled. My bad.
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