My son just started raliegh

Yer at least he has 2 weeks off after it so can chill out And prepare for the last 3


You need to get him up at 5 each morning, with a set of rounds, kit muster and run to the corner shop and back with his mattress on his back!

I would have hated a break in the middle of training [emoji45]

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I start on the 22nd of March, and Easter leave starts on the 3rd of April, I wonder how many will leave during that period! Certainly will not be me!


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My lads home tomorrow after his first 6 weeks. So he has got another 4 weeks after the 'break'.
On the phone last night and my wife asked him if he wanted to got out on Saturday night with his mates or us - no thanks, just wants to chill at home for a bit.
I haven't told him that he's sleeping in the shed on a hammock! As you say, got to keep him in the manner he's used to and not let him get too relaxed!
run to the corner shop
Not really - its too close. Got a choice of Asda's though!


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Make him run a flag up the washing line pole at colours every morning, and troop him if he
forgets to bring all the crockery back down from his room. A few days nines, running around
the backyard with the now hibernating beach windbreak at high port arms will keep him frosty.
Any money he gets for Christmas WILL be spent on nothing but tins of spray on starch and if
you've got a load of brass fixtures and fittings in your gaff...if there's any cash left over - make
him spend it on Brasso (or a reasonable Pound Shop substitute). Make him shine EVERYTHING and then go round (having dipped your white gloves in a kilo of raw pigs liver), and smear the lot
in blood and viscera. Order him to do the shining again and then send him back out the yard with the beach windbreak for a few hours.

Christmas should simply fly by.

Yours Sincerely,

Only let him have one of everything at Christmas dinner, if he tries to get anymore whack him on the back of his hand with a soup spoon! [emoji6]

Tell him if he wants more he will have to ask the chef, "if he can go round the bouy?" [emoji6]

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My daughter has just come home after 3 weeks at Raleigh..... said she didn't want to come home would rather have stayed for the duration, she seems like a fish out of water to be honest. Said her room seems huge now and its very strange wearing normal clothes - she is loving Navy life already and can't wait to get back which I have taken as a positive so its all good!


Well the lads gone back to Finish his last 3 weeks of basic off . He met up with a few of the other lads in Plymouth last night for there last blow out, he is now dieing of a hangover while he is ironing his clothes getting ready for his kit muster tomorrow. So good luck to him and I will see him again on the 23rd for his passing out


Hi there I recently passed my interview
And was told to do a bit more homework on the phase 1 part of training !

I would like as much information as possible ?

What is exercise hidden dragon and bright diamond and what do you do ?

Thank you

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Hi Spike 321
My son has almost finished his phase 2, but if I remember correctly, Bright Diamond is a day and night on HMS Brecon, and I think Hidden Dragon may be Dartmoor so pray it's summer when you join because you do it come hell or high water.
Hope all goes well for you and your wait isn't to long.


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From this website (about halfway down the page).


Week 7
  • OCINT (Officer Commanding) Rounds
  • IMF
  • Branch Lecture (for Phase 2 training)
  • Map Reading 2
  • Weapon Drill
  • Obstacle Course Intro
  • RAS (replenishment at sea) Theory and Practical
  • Exercise Hidden Dragon (Map Reading)
Week 8

  • Elementary First Aid Certificate (First Aid School)
  • Basic Fire-fighting Skills (Fire School)
  • First Aid Test
  • Foot and Weapons Drill
  • Obstacle Course
Week 9

  • Ships Visit
  • NGT Exam
  • IMF Pass Out (Run Through)
  • Weapons Drill
  • Exercise Bright Diamond (HMS Brecon)
More on Bright Diamond here
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