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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ucey, Nov 5, 2014.

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  1. hi just like to say how proud I am of my son coming this far,and finally getting to raleigh he has waited almost 3 years for this day but finally got there on Sunday, he text us to say he had arrived at the camp he also new a lot of lads as they were from his PRNC in Scotland which was good.he text us on the Monday to tell us he had signed his contract and filled loads of paperwork in so didn't do a great deal that day,he said he had is medical on Tuesday,but already said he is loving it. So Tuesday arrived and me and his mam were sat up to hear from him.finnaly he text us at 10 o'clock saying that he had had his medical they gave him 5 jabs in one arm and took a blood sample from the other he said his arm was numb from the injections. They then went to the gym to warm up with loads of press ups which he says was annoying as his arm hurt that much,they then did there 1.5 mile run which he passed but he said loads failed it,he also had a dental check which they told him he needed a tooth out,1 filling and had a touch of gum disease which he put some Fluoride paste on to help,he had more forms to fill in as well but he was so tired that he needed to sleep so we let him be and signed of,will be looking forward to the text on Wednesday night to see what he has been up to.
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  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Best of luck to him and yourself.

    There'll be a few ups and downs along the way. Homesickness, the discovery there are two 5 o'clocks every day, sleepless nights learning how to iron properly, polish shoes and boots correctly, revising for examinations and the rest of it.

    From a parent's perspective, very often, you find yourself on the receiving-end of the difficulties encountered along the way. Odds are, he'll "drain-down" (offload his woes) leave you worrying whilst he cracks on with it, having a whale of a time, often leaving you in the dark. When he finally calls you, bemoaning the latest hardships, you can guarantee he'll have forgotten about the last monumental snags he recounted on the last phonecall. :)

    Enjoy the ride!
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  3. Do the ones that failed the run get sent home?

    All the best to him, and to you whilst he is away :)
  4. Hello Ucey, my son was also almost three years from start to going in, he is now doing his phase 2 training having passed out of HMS Raleigh on the 3rd October, as well as training, fitness and making sure their kit is ready for the next day ie washing and ironing it they also have their own area to clean, but homesickness is the hardest thing for them to get through, there is a thread called Parent of 16 year old it covers a lot of the things you will be asking about, keep strong.
  5. 3 goes at it R3 I think .

    Enjoy the rollercoaster Ucey the texts will stop soon and youll only here about the aches / pains and worry about failing kit musters hehehehhe.
  6. It depends how far over the time they were/are, says something that numpty's are still joining that can't run 1.5 miles.
  7. Just got my text of my lad and he says he has had Quite a easy day, but he has had drill were the instructor was just screaming in someone's face he said I actually felt scared for once just glad it wasn't me. He has got parade drill and pt tomorrow. He says a few of them want to leave on the 4th week becouse there home sick. My lad said I'm not home sick though I'm not even bothered am just getting on with it Which is good to hear, he is on guard watch tonight so will text later
  8. Drill instructors shouting at people? Dont know what the mobs coming to,tsk tsk...;)
  9. Shouting at trainee's, never happened when I was instructing at Raleigh, on a serious note it was the best shore job I ever had. A year in part 1 followed by a year on the parade staff. Great job and I was a submariner cookie boy. So slightly different day to day from my usual work but I did love it.
  10. My lads just been intouch and says he's had a good day been doing parade drill today and he loved it, he also did PT today as well which he says he's never sweated as much,he said it was hard but also injoyed it.he was a bit gutted tho as the lad that he was closest to got sent home today as they found out he had something wrong with his heart, such a shame as he wanted it so bad like my lad does.he sent us a picture of him self in his uniform,were he looked so smart. He has been doing all the boys washing which he says it's the first time ever he has used a washing machine,just hope he doesn't shrink them HA HA. Any way he has his swimming test tomorrow which he has to pass but should be fine as he has been practicing with overalls on at our local swimming baths. So good luck to him :rolleyes:
  11. WASHING MACHINE!!! You'll be telling me they are letting women vote next!

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  12. I bet that was an interesting conversation! 'You want to do what'?!!! :D
  13. well the lad finally passed his swimming test today and also passed his first kit muster.which he was so pleased about. so he has the weekend of to chill out then back to the grind on Monday, were he has another kit muster were the warrant officer will check has to be on top of his game on Monday to pass that one. by the sound of things he's loving it at the Minute but it's early days. so all i can say is try your best
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  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Good to hear the positive feedback from the first week. It also shows the difference nowadays with the amount of two way communication between home & Raleigh.

    Gone are the days when the first thing Mum & Dad knew about your safe arrival was a postcard delivered via the pony express, or whatever the Post Office is now called.

    As a matter of interest, what is the breakdown of the class with regard ages, gender & qualifications? Any graduates and any overseas joiners?

    Are those who wanted to leave from day three still wanting out or are the majority now settling-in?
  15. All I know is that the oldest lad there is 35, my lad is 19 and there is 24 lads in there dorm and 27 upstairs in another dorm, I think there is only 3 girls but by the sound of it there struggling, my lad took only the qualification he passed at school, maths and English nothing else. As for overseas joiners I don't know he hasn't said anything.
  16. We know what you are going through at the moment, our youngest daughter starts her 3rd week this Monday. She is finding certain aspects of the course challenging but at the same time her sense of achievement on completing the tasks as part of a team is enormous. Good luck to her and the rest of the trainees at HMS Raleigh. Ex Ganges.
  17. Ninja, my son passed out on Friday his port class ranged from the eldest being 38 right down to my son and another boy at 16. 4 females. 3 overseas joiners and a 2-3 with existing qualifications/degrees. The other 16 year old wanted to leave but they helped him and persuaded him to stay. My son and him best buddies and have changed into submariner marine engineer course. Amazing career. Xx
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  18. Well the lad text me last night and he didn't have a good day, he said that they had drill for over 2 hours and then 2 hours of the low ropes which he cut all his hands open,but he did say he did the ropes ok I think he surprised himself that he could do them, he also failed his first kit muster becouse his shoes was dirty,so he is now on remedial for it, so he has got to show his PO his shoes every morning and night for the next 5 days but he passed everything else. He said some peoples kit was just thrown everywhere as it was not good enough I told him you are going to have crap days like that but they are trying to teach you how to do it properly once you get it right you will be fine Chin up He was waiting for the officer of the day to do his rounds to check every thing so would text me later.
  19. Ucey he telling you more than my son did! His hands were kinda rough when i met up wi him! That's the ropes obviously ! lol. It's such a worrying 10 weeks. I worried every day! You will be so proud when your son passed out it has to be one of the best days of my life! They cope and they win! Its fab xx
  20. Well we got our text of my lad on Wednesday as we didn't hear a thing from him on Tuesday night we thought there must be something wrong. Well I ask how he was and he said it has been crap to be honest ,he said his body is in bits and is on a warning for forgetting things and having some chocolate in his locker,so he got a 24 hour phone ban Not happy at all , he said nothing was working out for him as they expect us all to be perfect in just 10 days feel so down. He said one parade instructor caught him out of step and got proper in his face saying if you don't ******* get in step I'll thrash you down this parade square you little prick. He did tell the chief what he said and he said that he cannot talk to you like that if it happens again let me know. He has had fitness every day this week and practiced on the low ropes again, they gave them a trail of there initial military fitness test were they have to climb the ropes 3 times which he says is the size of our house and sprint 3 times round a course in under 4 minutes which wasn't easy. So I let him go off to get some sleep. And his reply was sleep are you mad got loads of ironing to do as he had a inspection in front of the commander tomorrow the top man Which made me laugh.

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