My Sister Belinda

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by aljh, Feb 21, 2010.

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  1. Just remembered this song.

    Anyone know what the tune is?
  2. I can sing the tune but don't think that it has been adapted from another one.
  3. Dirty bitch pissing and shitting all over my sombrero.
  4. It's a Mexican song which became popular in UK during the war. I can't find a version in English at the moment, but try "Canta y no Ilores" in google. There's a 3 minute youtube video of a Mexican quartet performing in a restaurant - that'll give you the tune.
    Apologise for no link, but I don't know how to go about it. I can however remember songs from the 1940s!
    Let me know how you get on.

  5. That's the one Sol. You'll have to give me lessons! :roll: :lol:


    Edited to add -Thank you. :)
  6. You're welcome, 2BM.
  7. I've actually got a sister called Belinda. She loathed me singing that song as a young matelot, whereas I thought it the funniest thing ever.

    Now she just loathes me.
  8. 2BM & Soleil, many thanks for the help.

    Streaky, :D
  9. You're welcome, aljh.

    Does the tune ring any bells, now that you have heard it?
  10. Glad to be of help aljh. Not very often I get the chance! :?

  11. Doesn't ring a bell, but hey, we'll get there eventually. Bloody quality song though!
    Thanks once again to you both.
    Where would I be without you lot hey?
  12. Wandering round the garden today with that festering song on my mind, as it has been since you first posted, :lol: the words suddenly fell into place. - " You, me, and us, we are my favourite people. We go together like peaches and cream, or bells and a church and a steeple."
    Stupid lyrics, I know, but from the recesses of my mind also came the name "Alma Cogan", so I flashed up the pc, googled the name, and lo and behold, there it is among her "discography", with a playable version. First appeared in 1957. The basic tune is much more recognizable.
    Think I might be able to get the damn thing off my mind now! :D

  13. Apologies 2BM, didn't intend for you to end up with this in your head for the next week. :D
    Just youtubed Alma Cogan, turned up some good hits. Many, many thanks for that.

    Topstop, also thanks. How'd you find that?
  14. Pure luck, just tried again and it doesnt come up, strange :?
  15. It's the first hit if you search 'Alma Cogan You me and us.'

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