My screen saver has gone.....

You're fortunate ....... we have a very boring mid-blue desktop background.
Rules state we aren't to have screen savers because of the bits & bites they take up in the servers .... :(
I used to have a lovely screensaver of baby matelots clambering gingerly up a rather tall mast thingy in no.8s. Sadly we all now HAVE to display the corporate logo... :evil:
stirling said:
Millenium Bridge in York, if it is ok Sapp right click on it and 'Save picture as'

I'm Ouse-ing with admiration how that bridge builder could get the handrails so badly out of kilter! :lol:


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Sapphire said:
and frankly I'm not happy. :( It was of a ship firing, don't which but I got it off here...
Was it one of these? I know it's a septic ship (USS Iowa) but still - it's damned impressive... :thumbleft:

Use the "Recuva" programme,got it on my computer,it's an easy download[google it]if this has not been overwritten,and an early delete has a good chance,then it can be recovered quickly.
The more you use the computer the less chance there is to retrieve it.
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